Bob Iger Net Worth – How Much Wealth Does the Disney’s CEO Have?

In this post, we'll discuss about some interesting facts about Bob Iger's life, such as his age, even if he's not married, his family, and how much money he has. So, keep reading till the conclusion for more information. Celebritynetworth says that Bob Iger is an American businessman and CEO with a net worth of $350 million.

Who is Bob Iger ?

Robert Allen Iger is an American businessman and The Walt Disney's (CEO). He previously served as the President of ABC Television from 1994 to 1995, as well as the President and COO of Capital Cities/ABC from 1995 until Disney's acquisition of the company in 1996. Iger was appointed president of Disney in 2000.

Full Name Robert Allen Iger
Birth Date February 10, 1951
Birth Place New York City, New York
Gender Male
Education Fulton Avenue School, Oceanside High School, & Ithaca College
Source of Wealth Entrepreneurial Ventures
Marital Status Married . Previously married to Kathleen Susan Iger
Wife Willow Bay

Early Life of Bob Iger 

Bob Iger, whose full name is Robert Allan Iger, was born in New York City on February 10, 1951. Iger was raised in a Jewish home & was the son of a World War II naval veteran whose career path included marketing, advertising & public relations.

Bob Iger Net Worth

Iger graduated from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in 1973 after completing high school in 1969. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Television & Radio degree.

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He hosted an Ithaca College television show & worked as a weatherman in Ithaca for five months, demonstrating an early interest in the broadcasting sector. Robert Iger initially desired to become an anchor for a big news network, but he ultimately selected a different professional route.

Bob Iger’s Career

In 1974, he joined ABC & began working as a lowly labourer for an incredibly low pay. Nonetheless, he rose quickly through the ranks over the following 15 years, becoming the head of ABC Entertainment in 1989. In 1993, he was promoted to president of the ABC Network TV Group & VP of Capital Cities/ABC. In 1994, he advanced again, becoming the COO of Capital Cities/ABC, the parent company of ABC.

Bob Iger Net Worth

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company acquired Capital Cities/ABC in 1996 & Iger retained his position as COO. He subsequently became the company's president, a post he maintained until 1999, when he was appointed president of the Walt Disney Company. He maintained his position as chairman of the ABC group. Iger was now reporting directly to Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Iger would succeed Eisner as CEO in 2005. Roy E. Disney & other board members launched an official “Save Disney” campaign prior to approving Iger as the company's next CEO.

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Pixar Acquisition

In 2006, one of Iger's most audacious decisions as CEO of Disney was to announce the acquisition of Pixar. Overall, the deal was valued $7.4 billion & represented a complete acquisition by Disney. In 2011, Iger became chairman of the board and a member of Apple, Inc.'s board of directors. After Iger's commercial transactions, Disney & Apple were intimately interwoven.

LucasFilm Acquisition

In 2012, Iger made another remarkable acquisition when he paid $4 billion to George Lucas for LucasFilm.

21st Century Fox

In 2018, under Iger's leadership, Disney took another audacious move by acquiring 21st Century Fox. Although his original contract was set to expire in 2018, Disney has frequently extended Iger's tenure as CEO. Disney renewed his contract again in 2017, ultimately extending it through 2021. Iger resigned voluntarily in 2020, one year before the conclusion of his contract.


Numerous individuals have hypothesised that Robert Iger resigned as CEO owing to the continuing Coronavirus/COVID-19 problem at this time. Iger's choice to forego his pay immediately prior to his resignation, claiming fiscal worries caused by the virus, lends some credence to these rumours.

Bob Iger's Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bob Iger has a net worth of $350 Million. While his tenure as CEO of The Walt Disney Company generated enormous profits for the company, it also contributed to his overall income.

Personal Life of Bob Iger 

Iger has been married for a total of two times. His first marriage, to Kathleen Susan Iger, was unsuccessful and eventually led to their divorce. They are parents to two little girls.

Bob Iger Net Worth

In 1995, Iger wed journalist Willow Bay in Bridgehampton, New York, in a ceremony that incorporated elements of both Jewish and Roman Catholic traditions. Robert Maxwell “Max” Iger, who was born in 1998, and William Iger are their two children.

Achievements of Bob Iger

Iger received the Ambassador for Humanity Award from Steven Spielberg in June 2012. He was honored for his charity, corporate citizenship leadership & support of the institution. Iger received the 2014 PGA Milestone Award. The PGA's top honor for entertainment contributors.

Bob Iger Net Worth

The 25th Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame inducted Iger in May 2015. Iger was honoured into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame (TIA) in October 2015. TIA members chose him for his industry accomplishments & influence on children globally. Time selected Iger Businessperson of the Year in December 2019.

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He was enshrined in 2020. Iger spoke at UT Austin's 2021 graduation. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Iger “for contributions to UK/US relations” in September 2022, one of the last two during her 70-year reign.

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