Who is Alexia Umansky Dating? Inside the Love Life of ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ Star!

Netflix's ‘Buying Beverly Hills' is a reality series about the staff of The Agency, a real estate company based in Los Angeles County, California. The show focuses on members of the Umansky family, who are an important component of the corporation.

This includes Alexia Umansky, whose personal and professional life has been a major source of curiosity for viewers. Naturally, this has sparked further speculation about her love interests.

Fans are becoming more interested in Alexia's dating life now that she is starring in a new television series. Is she dating anyone else? Continue reading for all the details.

Who is Alexia Umansky dating?

Alexia is still with her long-term beau, Jake Zingerman. Their friendship, characterized by shared travels and milestones, began to grow in 2019. They progressed from a strong friendship to a passionate relationship.

The couple, who have since openly shared their lives on social media, first hinted at their burgeoning love when Jake posted about completing a difficult hike and commemorating the feat with “12.8 miles and 22,000 steps later,” on Instagram, capturing the essence of their supportive relationship from the start.

Alexia Umansky dating

Their friendship has grown over the years, becoming an important part of Alexia's life that she occasionally discusses in public. Alexia marked a significant relationship milestone in July 2023 by sharing a photo of herself and Jake with identical tattoos, reflecting their growing love.

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According to Bravo TV, in early January 2024, Alexia enthusiastically provided a glimpse into this new chapter of their lives together by uploading a friend's Instagram Story featuring the couple's first shared home.

This relocation is especially significant for Alexia because it marks not just her first house with Jake, but also her first move since leaving her parents' Encino home, where she returned after graduating from Emerson College in 2018.

Where are Jake and Alexia now?

Alexia is opting to keep certain aspects of her sexual life private while her family is going through emotional upheavals, such as her parent's separation and her older sister Farrah's recent breakup.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alexia said that Jake will make some cameos on the show Buying Beverly Hills. She also discussed her bright view of her future with Jake.

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“I have no regrets, and my relationship is amazing and, you know, whatever happens in the future is what happens,” she said. “Everything that we're going through is human and I hope for the best,” she said.

We wish the couple all the best in their ongoing love and new show.

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