Are Callum Jones And Jess Gale Still Together After Love Island All Stars 2024?

The public was stunned when Callum Jones and Jess Gale, a relatively new pair, made it to the top two of the Love Island All-Stars final, alongside Callum's ex, Molly Smith, and her partner, Tom Clare.

Not only was there a lot of public curiosity about watching Callum and Molly get back together after their three-year romance ended just six months before they appeared as bombshells in the villa. Some fans also believed that there was no true connection between Jess and Callum.

Jess appeared as one of the season's latter bombshells, alongside her twin sister Eve. Despite having previously appeared in the same season, Callum and Jess had an instant connection in the All-Stars villa.

Callum found Jess's clean and lovely attitude to be a nice departure from the way Georgia Steel adored and abandoned him the moment another man (Toby Aromolaran) showed an interest. Callum's gaze was drawn to Jess after briefly moving his head towards Joanna Chimonides, and they appear to be happy together ever since.

As fans eagerly anticipate updates on their relationship status, many are left wondering: Is the couple still going strong or have they parted ways?

Are Callum and Jess still together?

Yes, Callum Jones and Jess Gale are still officially together, but things have been looking shady lately.

Callum shared a carousel on Instagram with the caption Monthly roundup', featuring photographs from the last month of his life.

While his dump contained photographs of islanders Josh, Sophie, and even Casey O'Gorman, fans were quick to point out that not a single shot featured Jess.

Are Callum and Jess still together?

This appeared unexpected given that the couple has said they are still dating and getting to know each other. Surely a single photo of her would qualify as a highlight of your entire month?

But the comment section could only focus on one thing: “But where's Jess??!” one admirer inquired, while another responded with the side-eye emoji, “Looking for you, Jess.”

However, since returning home from the villa, the couple has been the subject of numerous rumors claiming that they have broken up.

It got to the point that Jess had to clarify in an interview with BuzzFeed UK: “We are still together, rest assured.” Callum and I get along pretty well. It's awkward coming out since he's in Manchester and I'm in London.”

Jess said I feel the need to put something on my [Instagram] story to say, We're still together' but then I'm like, that will be weird.”

But that was enough to quell rumors, so in March, Jess followed her advice and posted an Instagram story indicating her relationship with Callum was still going strong.

Posting a photo of Callum sleeping in bed shirtless, followed by an adoring closeup of his face. Jess sent the following: “So I left my digital camera in a restaurant but luckily someone found it & reached out, they must have gone through the pictures to find out whose it was & I'm dying because I know these were the last ones.”

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Callum and Jess's conversations appeared to be informal and lighthearted. But we must remember that we cannot see everything.

Molly is optimistic about their future together, stating, “They're so compatible…” “His family will love her,” she declared on the broadcast, and she should know.

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