A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Release Date: Let’s Take a Look at the Recap!

Flor received what she deserved for messing with Sasha in chapter 38 of A Fairy Tale for Villains. The Manhwa is becoming better as additional stories are added. Since Valentina is vital to Sasha's strategy for exacting revenge, the two have become fast friends.

Nothing major occurred in this chapter because the story is still at the point it was in the previous few chapters. Don't lose up hope just yet; rumor has it the rest of the story is better.

No need to worry about when the next installment of A Fairy Tale for Villains will be released. When and where you may read Chapter 39 of A Fairy Tale for Villains is detailed here.

A quarrel breaks out between Flor and Sasha at the start of the latest tale. During the conflict, Valentina approached. When Valentina saw Flor, she asked Sasha if she had made any new friends.

Flor yelled at the top of her lungs that she and Sasha were not friends because Sasha was a “gold digger.” She was informed by Valentina that her comment was foolish. And the host of that dinner party would feel hurt by those statements. Flor eventually realized her error.

A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Release Date

The 38th chapter of A Fairy Tale for Villains will be available on Saturday, June 3, 2023, at KST. Every chapter is released every week. Beginning on the aforementioned date, Chapter 39 of “A Fairy Tale for Villains” will be available in English on Pocket Comic. To read A Fairy Tale for Villains in its original (Japanese) version, head over to the Comico website.

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Let's Take a Look at the Recap of A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 38

Flor's uncle came after hearing her yelling and warned her to be calm. Flor pleaded with her, telling her she was innocent. But her words fell on deaf ears with his uncle. Sasha asked them to leave when she heard them arguing, as she had had enough of the disturbance.

Valentina reassured Sasha after Flor and her uncle left that she should not worry about them. Sasha inquired as to whether or not she was aware of them. Viscount Hipolite and Lady Flor were approaching Sasha, when Valentina came over on purpose to meet them.

A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Release Date

After mentioning Flor again, she inquired as to if Sasha was still interested in hearing more. Sasha assured her that it didn't bother her if Benya murdered people or not. That their histories had shaped who they were in the present was the only thing that mattered.

According to Sasha, no one can judge Benya for his violent tendencies. Sasha loved Benya, therefore her survival and continued presence by her side was a source of great joy for her. Benya was here when she arrived, according to Valentina.

Sasha inquired as to whether or not everything was okay. According to Valentina, Alfonisa was taken aback by Lethias's anger. She then began crying and stating that she had to leave.

In contrast, Lethias drank too much and started crying in the library. This is what Benya told Alfonsia, and Alfonsia's attempt to comfort Lethias. Sasha probed for the meat of her message.

She asked Valentina who she was supposed to be, and Valentina said she didn't know. Still, she was aware of Sasha's complicity in the saga of the Serpent family. Sasha informed her there was nothing to be concerned about.

She's always there for her pal. Valentina was astounded to hear that. Despite being aware of her profession, she still expressed interest in becoming friends with her. Sasha explained that keeping her around was crucial to her revenge scheme.

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