Your Eternal Lies Chapter 59 Release Date, Recap and Where To Read?

The narrative of Rosén Walker, a young woman who murdered her husband at the age of 17 and went to prison for it, is told in the upcoming historical fantasy romance manga Your Eternal Lies.

She escaped from two different facilities before being discovered and given a life sentence, earning her the reputation as the Empire's top jailbreaker. She meets Ian Connor, a young war hero who is responsible for bringing her to Monte Island, the worst prison on earth.

He has unwavering faith in his own theories, but he dismisses everything she says. As they travel together, however, they begin to recognize that their lives have intersected before and that they share more in common than they had realized.

Ian and Rosen share their first kiss at the end of Chapter 58. Hopefully, Rosen will not violate Ian's trust. If she did, Ian's feelings would be broken beyond repair. Together, they have embarked on an exciting journey to reach the Isle of Monte.

After the release of Chapter 58, readers were eager to find out what would happen in the following installment. Release information for Your Eternal Lies Chapter 59, a recap of the previous chapter, and more are included in this post. If you want to know everything about it, you'll have to scroll down and read the whole thing.

When And Where to Read Your Eternal Lies Chapter 59?

On June 5, 2023 at 05:00 KST, we will release the second chapter of Your Eternal Lies. Each chapter is released every week. The English translation of Chapter 59 of Your Eternal Lies will be available on Manta after the aforesaid date. The chapters are available in their original, Korean version on Ridibooks.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 59 Release Date

Let's Take a Look at The Recap of Your Eternal Lies Chapter 58

At the start of the chapter, Ian mulls over Rosen's escape. Ian couldn't help but question if he'd made the correct decision by releasing Rosen. Rosen's decision to uncuff an escape-prone inmate to search his own home. He was concerned that Henry would learn about it.

He reasoned that even if Rosen located the rowboat's key, there would still be sea monsters to contend with. The majority of the team had weapons. Even if she manages to steal the lifeboat, the sea monster will catch her before the team does.

Rosen could not have escaped in any plausible alternate timeline. A later scene involves Ian asking the duke about Rosen's escape. The request he made was denied. He told Ian he was on his own transporting Rosen.

The residents of Riorton now had faith in Ian. Their once-thriving city was in shambles. Ivan was instructed to handle the problem. He probed Ian on whether he saw any wrongdoing on the part of Rosen Walker.

He assured Ivan that he was only acting in accordance with popular demand. They want Ian to maintain his sobriety, and they want Rosen to face consequences for her actions. The administration was very good at taking into account all relevant factors before making a decision.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 59 Release Date

Ivan served in an efficient government unit during the war. Ian was confident that he had picked up all of their routines. Rosen was honest, perhaps too honest, and the entire kingdom labeled her a liar.

When he considers the future now that Rosen is free, he constantly returns to her. One day, Ian went to explore the remains of Riorton and while there, he noticed a sign announcing Rosen's arrest.

The first time he saw her was in a newspaper tacked to the wall. It stood up to people spitting on it and rocks being thrown at it. However, Ian finally felt safe. Well, at least she made it!

He kept the photo of Rosen with him even though he realized it was ridiculous. He wanted to grasp at anything he could. Ian told himself over and over that Rosen couldn't possibly escape.

He anticipated her tragic end upon arrival on the Isle of Monte. When Rosen shouted out to him, Ian put down his rifle. The reunion with her was a welcome relief for him. In a passionate embrace, he kisses Rosen.

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