Twomad Weight Loss: How Did YouTuber Lose 37 Pounds?

Twomad, as Muudea Sedik, is a content creator and streamer. He currently produces a range of content for three social media channels. He has three YouTube channels: one for skits, one for gaming content, and one for analysis, where he posts reaction videos. He currently has over two million fans. Given the genre he covers on YouTube, his collaboration with Belle startled viewers.

Twomad, a YouTuber, has risen to fame for his miraculous weight loss journey, and his most recent photos with model Belle Delphine have helped to boost his reputation.

His weight loss progress throughout the years has been rather impressive. In 2022, he lost approximately 37 pounds.

Who is Twomad?

Twomad's real name is Muudea Sedik. The Canadian YouTuber was born on December 17, 2000. Sedik began his content-based career by joining YouTube in 2017. The now 23-year-old gamer and streamer quickly gained prominence.

Twomad, a pro in the live-stream gaming genre, has more than two million fans after broadcasting footage of games such as Fortnite and Overwatch. Twomad is also a Twitch broadcaster that creates videos featuring skits and commentary. He also posts reaction videos to entertain his admirers.

Twomad’s Remarkable Weight Loss Journey

The audience of a gamer or streamer isn't very interested in the creator's physical appearance. However, this was not the case for Twomad. Being slightly overweight made him vulnerable to online bullying.

Twomad’s Weight Loss

When he was a teenager, he weighed approximately 176 pounds. As his weight-related concerns grew, he was quick to start losing those extra pounds. His weight loss ambitions were revealed in the following Twitter discussion from 2019.

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When Twitch celebrity Dimitri, also known as @GGXupdates, shared his thoughts on being healthy and fit, he pushed people to lose weight. Muudea responded to the tweet by stating that he is losing weight.

How did Twomad lose weight?

Within a short period, Twomad shed around 37 pounds. His enthusiastic transformation is attributed to his persistent weight loss goals and honest attempts to adhere to a dedicated, strict diet and a targeted workout regimen involving daily activities.

Some of his astonished supporters immediately assumed that Sedik had undergone weight loss surgery. There has also been talk that he is on medication. However, the young YouTuber has not provided any specifics about the issue as of now.

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According to our findings, Twomad's achievement in losing weight to 139 pounds was due to his hard work and motivation. He proudly shared his fresh, healthier version on social media.

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