Keith Thurman Net Worth in 2023: How Wealthy Is The Boxer in Reality?

Keith Thurman is a former world champion in the WBA's Super Welterweight division. In his brief career, he has already accomplished this feat twice. Boxing fans will recognize the name Keith immediately.

Thurman's boxing kicks and techniques have gained him worldwide notoriety. When he kicks an adversary accurately, they suffer severe consequences. It's because of this that he's known as “One Time.” In this article, we will read about Keith Thurman Net Worth in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Who Is Keith Thurman?

Pro athlete Keith Thurman hails from the United States. Keith Thurman was born in November 1988 in Clearwater, Florida. When it comes to weight classes, he's fought at both welter and light middle.

Thurman boxed for the first time professionally in November 2007 and won a unanimous decision over Kensky Rodney. He defeated Carlos Quintana for the WBO-NABO junior middleweight title in November 2012.

Keith Thurman Net Worth

Before we know about him more, here are some quick facts about Thurman:

Quick Facts about Keith Thurman

Full Name
Keith Fitzgerald Thurman Jr.
Birth Date November 23, 1988
Birth Place
Clearwater, Florida, United States
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Keith Thurman, Sr.
Debbie Thorsen
Two; a brother and a sister
34 Years Old
5 feet 7 inches
67 Kilograms
Hair Color
Light Brown
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Marital Status Married
Profession Boxer

What Is Keith Thurman Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Keith has a large net worth of over $3 million, making him the finest boxer in the United States. The exact amount of money Thurman made during his boxing career is unknown, but it is substantial.

Take A Look at Keith Thurman's Boxing Career

In 2007, Keith began his career in the professional world. He boxed for the first time at age 18. Tampa, Florida was the site of the match. Keith was boxing against the invincible Kensky Rodney.

A novice would likely come out on the losing end of a match. However, Keith stunned the crowd and emerged victorious. His first-round victory came as quite a shock. His challenger collapsed and the referee declared him the victor.

After that, Keith faced Super Featherweight world champion Omar Bell. In the sixth round, he knocked out Onar and declared victory. After 2007, Thurman was coached by Dan Birmingham.

Among Thurman's many victories while training with him is the WBA Welterweight belt. Dan, Thurman's coach, and the two share a close relationship. For Boxing matches, they put in a lot of work in the gym.

But he also has a lot of respect for Kensky Rodney, his former coach. When he made his amateur debut, he was just nine years old. He got into the ring with the support of his trainer, Benjamin Getty.

Keith Thurman Net Worth

Keith won his first boxing battle because he was so committed to the sport. After that, there was no way to stop him. Furthermore, he entered the Boxing arena as a youngster and eventually won the title of world champion.

Since 1997, One Time has been continuously active in the boxing industry. He's now unbeaten in two straight contests. He has won 29 of a possible 31 matches. But he didn't box in any of them, and his first fight of 2019 was a loss to Manny Pacquiao.

Keith Thurman's Social Media Presence

Keith is quite active on all of his social media platforms. On social media, he can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But of all the social media platforms, Instagram is where he spends the most time and where he disseminates the most boxing-related news.

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