Zombie Land Saga Season 3 Release Date: Plot | Cast | Every Detail You Need To Know!

The original Japanese anime series ‘Zombie Land Saga' was created by Shigeru Murakoshi and directed by Munehisa Sakai. The series was authored. The anime television series was produced by MAPPA studios, Avex Pictures, and Cygames.

The first episode of “Zombie Land Saga: Revenge” was shown on April 8, 2021, and the series ran for 12 episodes until ending on June 24, 2021.

The performance was met with widespread acclaim and praise of the highest kind. On IMDb, it has a score of 7 out of 10, and on MAL, it has a score of 7.5 out of 10. The second season, like the first, offers a shocking cliffhanger that fans are sure to remember.

During the second season, we saw Franchouchou working toward her goal of becoming famous all over the world. Will he be successful in obtaining it? The audience is becoming increasingly impatient to learn more about the upcoming events of the third season.

Will There Be a Third Season of ‘Zombie Land Saga'?

zombie land saga season 3
Zombie land saga season 3

The third season of ‘Zombie Land Saga' has not been officially announced since this article was written. On the other hand, given the ratings we discussed earlier, there is an excellent chance it will return.

Aside from that, the second season's conclusion was also a cliffhanger, which leaves the door open for a straightforward plot setup for the third season. In the following weeks or months, we will most likely receive additional information regarding the renewal.

The Zombie Land Saga will soon be adapted into an anime movie. The new film project was revealed to the public during Japan's October Zombie Land Saga LIVE event. There is minimal information about the anime and no release date. However, there is some encouraging news.

When Will Season 3 of “Zombie Land Saga” Come Out?

zombie land saga season 3
Zombie land saga season 3

Because the anime has not been picked up for a third season as of yet, there is no official release date set. If it is renewed before the end of the year and production begins immediately, the anime may return for a third season, either late in 2022 or early in 2023. This forecast is derived from looking at the release patterns of several past seasons.

The first season premiered in October 2018 and ran until December 2018, when it was canceled. The first chapter of the manga was also published in the same month that the anime was made available to watch online.

We will remain here and continue to wait for more developments.

What Is The Plot of “Zombie Land Saga” Season 3?

In the finale of season 2, Franchouchou gave their best performance ever. But we see Kotaro deteriorate as he is coughing blood in the finish, so there is a possibility that he could die and be brought back to life as a fellow zombie.

Meanwhile, we saw a spaceship before the episode came to an end. The girls haven't achieved world fame yet, and we expect it to happen in season 3.

Fans have many exciting theories about season 3, including if the aliens will be the antagonist of the season. We can't wait for season 3 to find out.

Who's in the ‘Zombie Land Saga' Season 3 Cast?

zombie land saga season 3
Zombie land saga season 3

The following individuals have been cast in the English dub of “Zombieland Saga Revenge”:

  • Ama Lee as Junko Konno.
  • Ricco Fajardo as Kotaro Tatsumi.
  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Lily Hoshikawa.
  • Caitlin Glass as Saki
  • Brina Palencia as Sakura Minamoto.
  • Dawn M. Bennett as Tae Yamada.
  • Stephanie Young as Yugiri
  • Cris George as Bulk
  • Austin Tindle as Dirty Harry
  • Alejandro Saab as Romero
  • Mike McFarland as Skull
  • R. Bruce Elliot as Xu Fu
  • Bryn Apprill as Ai

Is There a Trailer for Season 3 of ‘Zombie Land Saga?'

There is currently no official trailer or renewal confirmation for the third season of “Zombie Land Saga.” On the other hand, the official Zombie Land Saga Twitter page recently uploaded a brief teaser video for the upcoming movie. Look at it down here! The film's working title is “Zombie Naki Tatakai Saga Fukushu-hen,” which, when translated into English, means “A Battle Without Zombies: Saga Revenge arc.”

This article is currently being updated. As additional information becomes available, we will continue to update this.