Zombie 4 Release Date: Did the Show Finally Get Renewed?

Disney+ released Zombies 3 on July 15, and immediately fans are demanding a Zombies 4. The third film followed after the first Zombies movie in 2018 and the second Zombies movie in 2020.

The most recent installment in the film series tackled a fresh topic. Aliens have invaded the town of zombies, werewolves, and humans who formerly coexisted harmoniously.

If we look at the overall critical score for both Zombies films, we can see that Zombies 3 was not as well regarded as Zombies 2.

Even though the second film scored a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, the third film only managed a 71% approval rating from critics. What does this signify for the possibility of a Zombies 4?

Can We Expect a Zombies 4?

Although it hasn't been officially announced just yet, the majority of the original cast is eager to return for a sequel.

Especially to be with everyone in the cast and the people — any excuse to be with everyone, sign me up,” Meg Donnelly (Addison) tells J-14 exclusively. Actress Ariel Martin (Wynter) concurs with her co-stars.

 “I think we're just as passionate about the narrative line, the message, what it's about, and our characters too,” she enthuses, referring to the viewers' enthusiasm for ZOMBIES. To return and start from square one again. It's hard to imagine anything more fantastic than that.

Zombie 4 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Zombies 4's release date has not been confirmed, but stay tuned for updates as soon as we do. Prom night at Seabrook High School is fast approaching, and in Zombies 4, you never know what you'll see.

After Zed steals the necklace Addison believed would turn her into her actual self, a werewolf, their budding romance may seem shaky, but this is a Disney film, so of course, everything turns out okay in the end.

zombies 4 release date

If you recall, Zed expressed regret to Addison after realizing how much of a jerk he had been to her and the werewolves.

Then, Addison explains that she believed everything would make sense if she was a werewolf, but it doesn't. And now she isn't sure she really wants to be a cheerleader.

Then Zed stepped up and encouraged Addison to keep being the cheerleader she was and bring people together, and the story ended happily ever after as they kissed and made up, but that wasn't quite the end of the zombies because later that night, a meteor crashed in Seabrook at the most unexpected moment possible.

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This activated Addison's radio, waking her up; upon further inspection, she noticed that her hair was blazing a vivid blue color, suggesting that the events of the second film's ending would have some bearing on the third.

Could it be that Anderson is actually an alien? Let's rewind to the beginning of the story in Seabrook and how the zombie apocalypse got to this point, despite the latest description revealing an alien twist that will be revealed as Edie and Addison enter their senior year of high school.

Zombie 4 Story

Many years have passed since Seabrook, and the zombie settlements have amalgamated, but the settlers still have the underground concealed garments they bought from the moonstone. Bucky runs for student body president despite the fact that Zed had already planned to ask Addison to the prom and that she was working hard to become the cheer captain.

zombies 4 release date

Zed caused a traffic accident that sent the bus transporting the cheerleaders careening into the Forbidden Forest. The cheerleading group had their first brush with the werewolves upon their return to Seabrook. When that happens, things get much worse, very quickly. Everybody in town is freaking out.

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The mayor's reinstatement of the anti-monster law is to blame. When his measure passed, no one could contain their shock that zombies could no longer go to the prom. But Zed finds out that he can expand the rights of zombies and werewolves if he is elected president of the high school.

The local werewolves, who had superpowers thanks to necklaces made of Moonstone, were growing unwell. But if they were to lose the stones, their lives would be in jeopardy as the moonstone loses its potency. They try various means of recharging their necklaces.

If they lose the moonstone, the leader of the prophecy says, a girl with white hair will come to save them.

Where to Watch

In the United States, you may watch Zombies on DIRECTV NOW or Disney+. The film can also be rented, purchased, or viewed on Amazon Video and YouTube.

The sequels to Zombies, Zombies 2, and Zombies 3, as well as any updates to the series in the future, are all playable on the same systems.

There are no contracts in place with other streaming platforms, despite the popularity of the franchise's films. The film is an original production for Disney, and it is expected that Disney+ will be the only home for future Disney films for some time.

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Unfortunately, these are your only options if you're a die-hard fan of the film and want to see it online. We recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) to access this film if you are located in an unfavorable area where it is not readily available.

A virtual private network (VPN) lets you fool your location's website into thinking you're in a country where the movie is legally available. If your region doesn't get your favorite shows, this is a perfectly legal and one of the best ways to view them.