Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date, Recap and Where To Read!

To find out what the pupils at the academy are saying about Enisha and how she came to be the subject of so much rumor, readers of Youngest Princess can't wait for the release of Chapter 137.

Schmidt greeted Enisha and the others warmly. For the sake of identification, he requested that Enisha briefly reveal her face, but he was immediately captivated by her beauty. He now grasped what Ithmion had meant during their earlier discussion.

Ithmion told Enisha that he is a member of the noble Elhark family when he first met her. About Judith Elhark, Enisha enquired. Ithmion claimed he didn't know any women, yet it seemed to Enisha that he already had a good understanding of her.

Ithmion told her that he had no idea how word of her enrolment spread, but that the school had received a large number of fresh applicants and a generous donation. She was really appreciative of the Hyperion imperial family, who not only provided them with a new dorm but also a brand new lawn to play on.

Ithmion assured Enisha that her new dorm room was the most secure one available. In order to ensure Enisha's protection, the magic instructors at the academy crafted a special rune.

Ithmion begged her to spare the academy from destruction. Since Rodgo and the twins weren't around to help, Enisha assured him he had nothing to worry about. Learn more to find out when Youngest Princess Chapter 137 will be available and where you can read it.

Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date

Is there any idea when we may look forward to reading The Youngest Princess, Chapter 137? What we know is as follows. On Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. KST, we will release Youngest Princess Chapter 137.

Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Youngest Princess Chapter 136

Enisha didn't think the protective rune looked that horrible when Beluan showed it to her. It would only take a few tweaks, Beluan assured her. He inquired as to whether or not she had finished packing up her belongings.

Elisha reassured him that she had support in the form of Noxita. Meanwhile, Noxita was depressed since she knew Enisha would soon be leaving. Enisha inquired of Noxita as to whether or not he planned to see Haren after work.

Noxita didn't want to abandon Enisha, so he begged her to let him tag around wherever she went and even move in with her. Haren was sad to hear from Noxita, but Enisha reassured him that he would get to visit her on occasion now that she was living on campus.

Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date

The young Noxita expressed an interest in enrolling in a learning institution. After tomorrow's welcome ceremony, they planned to leave as soon as they finished the protection rune.

Noxita confessed to Enisha that he had sexual desires for her. Beluan urged Enisha to call him or Noxita if she needed anything while he and Noxita were sleeping at the principal's house.

Beluan was relieved that he and Enisha would be able to spend more time together, so the two returned to their house. Enisha enjoyed the peace and quiet of her bedroom. She is going to sit down tomorrow and pen a letter to her dad and the two sons.

The following day, everyone gave Enisha curious glances. Enisha impressed her companion with her ability to do tasks on her own. Students at the school were positive that she was the topic of conversation, but Enisha was perplexed as to why all eyes were on her when she hadn't even done anything to warrant such attention.

Where Can You Read Youngest Princess Chapter 137?

You may read Youngest Princess Chapter 137 and all the other chapters on Tappytoon, the webtoon's primary website. While fan translations are available on sites like Manhwakakalot and BakaMitai, we encourage you to support the original artists by reading the series on Tappytoon.

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