Young Royals Season 3 Confirmed on Netflix: When Will It Release?

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date: Like Netflix's popular LGBTQ+ show Heartstopper, Young Royals has won over a lot of fans with its true representation of LGBTQ+ people. The second season came out on Netflix earlier in November. It left a lot of questions unanswered, so people are already thinking about the third season.

To sum up, the show follows the fictional heir to the throne, Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding), as he falls in love with another student, Simon (Omar Rudberg), at their school, Hillerska, and all the chaos that follows. So, will the story be finished with a third part? Here is what we know so far about a possible third season of Young Royals on Netflix.

Will There Be a Third Season of Young Royals?

Yes! On December 14, 2022, Netflix confirmed that there will be a third season of Young Royals. Even though that's good news for fans of the popular teen series, there is a small problem. Young Royals will have Season 3, but it will also be the last season.

When Will Season 3 of Young Royals Come Out?

The third season of Young Royals has just been confirmed, but we don't know when it will come out. Using the same pattern as before, Young Royals season one came out in July 2021, and season two came out on November 1, 2022. So, we hope there will be a third season by the end of 2023 or soon after.

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What Could Be the Plot of the Third Season of Young Royals?

If Young Royals comes back, it's hard to say where the story will go next, but it will have to pick up after the dramatic events of the season 2 finale.

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date

Since viewers have become so interested in Prince Wilhelm and Simon's relationship through the episodes we've seen so far, the focus is likely to stay on them.

In the first season, Wilhelm had to choose between love and duty. This is likely to be a recurring theme in future episodes as well, as the young heir learns what it's like to be a public figure.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Season 3 of Young Royals?

Young Royals is obviously about Wilhelm and Simon's relationship, so we can expect Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg to be back. August of Årnäs, who is Wilhelm's second cousin and their rival, is played by Malte Gårdinger.

Young Royals Season 3 Release Date

Frida Argento, who plays Simon's sister Sara, and Nikita Uggla are also in the movie (Felice). So far, none of the actors have officially said that they will be back for more episodes. Who comes back to the show will depend on the plot of Season 3, but we hope to see all of our favorite old faces again.

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Is There a Trailer for Young Royals Season 3?

The official trailer for season 3 of Young Royals has not been released yet. We'll update this page as soon as we know what will happen with Young Royals on Netflix and when any new episodes come out. For now, why not watch the trailer for season 2 to remember what it was like?

Where Can You Watch Young Royals?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Young Royals can now be watched on Netflix.