You Season 4: Things You Need To Know!

Netflix's stalker series ‘You'premiered its third season in October 2021, but the streaming service has already renewed it for a fourth season before the third season had even aired.

“[showrunner] Greg [Berlanti] and I were instantly intrigued with Joe Goldberg and his weird world view,” says executive producer Sera Gamble of reading Caroline Kepnes' novel.

“Penn [Badgley] does an amazing job bringing Joe to life in such a scary yet engaging way. Our heartfelt thanks go out to You, Netflix, and everyone who has enjoyed seeing Joe get it all so wrong in the past three seasons. Everyone on the You crew is looking forward to delving deeper into the darker aspects of romantic relationships for the upcoming fourth season.”

The information you need is here.

When will you be able to watch ‘You' Season 4?

Tradition has it that the beginning of the next chapter will occur at the end of the year 2022. Although, due to international filming in Paris, this may be postponed until early 2023.

‘You' season 4 cast: Who's in it?

You' Season 4 On Netflix: Cast, Release Date, Trailer, More

It's safe to assume that Badgley will come back because Joe is still alive, but he's not well enough to be the subject of a television series.

Considering that Joe has travelled to Paris to find his current “you,” Marianne, Tati Gabrielle could return as Joe's latest “you.”

For the time being at least, it appears like Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) has passed away, but as we witnessed with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Candace Stone, we can never be sure (Ambyr Childers).
In an interview, Pedretti recalled, “It was crazy to see the actual way that I was going to die.”

As one actor put it, “I didn't know how to act it out, but I was eager to rise to the task.”

‘They've had their arc.'” Badgley stated why he thinks it was the proper option to end that aspect of the storey. As we've seen the world and experienced its highs and lows, it felt like the right moment to leap.

To me, it's a major end to Joe's storey so far. I believe that the entire Joe device will need to undergo some big, fundamental changes if it is to continue working. Because we've watched him go through so much recently. The programme and its tone may have a pre-and post-Love era, but I'm not sure how much can be repeated.”
Newcomer Lukas Gage will also join the cast in season four. On February 17th, Netflix announced that Euphoria actor and Joe's new antagonist will be a series regular and a constant irritant.

It has been announced that Gage will portray businessman Adam as “an ex-pat American, the youngest son of a wealthy East Coast billionaire” (via Deadline). According to Deadline, Adam is having a hard time living up to the high expectations set on him by his affluent family.

Adam has a lot of emotional baggage, which he brings to the show. By self-medicating, he hides his darkest secrets from the rest of the world, making it appear as though he's always having fun. For his friends and girlfriend, trusting him could be a huge mistake because of his drive to prove himself.

This view is echoed on Netflix's Twitter account, where a message reads:

“Lukas Gage is on his way to get You.

Playing Adam, the son of an upper-class family who is notorious for failing to live up to their expectations, Gage is warm, humorous, and hard-partying. When it comes to getting what you want, though, he was taught by his parents to “do whatever it takes.”


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‘You' season 4 plot: What will happen?

Netflix's You: is there a season four in the works? | HELLO!

Joe was slashed in Paris by Love. We're all glad Joe left Henry with Dante. But he eluded.

Inevitable, says Gamble. “I think so.” We'll discuss it over a snack.

Joe often visits Paris to find Marianne. The truth about Joe undoubtedly hit Marienne hard.

So Joe can't find her. He joked. Neither his kids nor he will learn Swedish.

“Disturbed, violent people like Joe are difficult to change. Doubtful.”Gabrielle may return. Maybe she's gone.

“It was her heart. Hear it from him… What's more, “I'm desperate.”

Joe's luck ran out in season three.

A Hollywood Reporter interview says the season finale shows Joe's dangerous character. But he's always looking for new visionaries. No simple task, preparing for season four.

In season three, Gamble believes he will grieve (via Collider). Then he leaves us defeated.

Before the pilot, he had.

“We must now know his baggage.” So I want to learn a lot.”

He must first die to evade capture. Thanks to Joe's mercy (or absence). Theo and Matt Engler's Dottie Quinn (Dylan Arnold and Scott Speedman respectively).

In Joe's head isn't enough.
She is still alive and knows Joe's past. So we said “Gamble said!

That might be the theme of season four.
Gamble must also love Joe.

“We won't,” she said. Getting into Joe's group is challenging.

Season 4's tone worries us.

Delightedly, the first season was released.

“But it's in us,” we say.

Nobody is perfect. We're obnoxious. Ni uns be too Pollyannaish to affirm self-kindness when bad notions come. Why? They're fascinated by his vile ideas.

So it's a season four thing,” Badgley told Collider. In reality, this is a show about committing relationship suicide for a good storey. But it's hard to quit fighting.

That is if season four concludes with Joe.
Onto the fourth book Kepnes goes. A lot of the TV show deviates from the book.

The next book, Kepnes told THR, is a fantasy Joe didn't give himself.