You People Ending Explained: Do Akbar and Shelley Realise What They’ve Done?

You People, a Netflix comedy film written and directed by Kenya Barris, centers on the challenges faced by a mixed-race couple. It's a reflection on white guilt, racial tension, and Black anger that lasts for two hours. The romantic comedy elements were lost as “You People” focused on the social and political aspects.

Only two characters are presented to us, but we don't spend much time with either of them. It's a shame that Amira's personality wasn't developed more. We're supposed to assume they're head over heels in love, yet we never learn more about them than the fact that they share a few materialistic interests.

When the kids finally get to “meet the parents,” it's a “meet the parents” situation where the two sets of parents just can't get along. The romance is unbearably dull, and the humor is completely flat. While the concept of “You People” may have been hilarious during brainstorming sessions, the final product is a lifeless romantic comedy.

You People Story Synopsis

Ezra is a 35-year-old Jewish man who tries hard to be part of the hip and happening crowd. He currently works in the finance industry but hopes to leave to pursue podcasting full-time. His best friend Mo and he host a podcast where they talk about things related to “the culture.” His romantic experiences were unremarkable because the women he dated failed to fully grasp who he was.

One day, out of the blue, he ordered an Uber and, in the backseat, he met the woman of his dreams. He was branded a racist by Amira, who pointed out that he was mistaken about her being his Uber driver. Although she was initially taken aback by Ezra's revelation that his Uber driver looked strikingly similar to her, she eventually laughed it off.

You People Ending Explained

He drove Amira to her new job because she was unfamiliar with the area. The two of them ended up going on a couple of dates after their bizarre meeting. Amira struggled to acknowledge her feelings for a white man because she was afraid of how her family would respond. She lied to her father about dating a Black Muslim man when her brother asked her about her white love interest in front of her brother.

Akbar, a proud guy, hated that the once-exclusively-Black establishments were now frequented by people of different races. Amira was already perplexed about her decision before he weighed in. On the other hand, when she was with Ezra, everything was perfect. Their interactions were always friendly, and she could not resist his charming and endearing demeanor.

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Amira made their relationship official after they spent the night together making love. She was fully aware of the risks she was taking, but she decided they were acceptable in exchange for the bond she felt she had with Ezra. Both Ezra and Amira dreaded but were eager to get past the prospect of meeting each other's parents when they decided to make their relationship official.

You People Ending Explained

To What End Do Ezra & Amira Call Off Their Wedding?

Even though Akbar saw Ezra naked at the bachelor party, he keeps it to himself during his toast. On the contrary, he speaks well of Ezra. When Ezra tries to express his gratitude for the remarks, however, he says that his daughter is the only reason he did not expose him.

He is adamant that Ezra is not the right man for his daughter. After a long time, Ezra had had enough. He says that Akbar was too harsh on him even though all he wanted was to get along with him. He has nothing but the deepest love for his little girl.

You People Ending Explained

And Amira tells Shelley exactly what she thinks of her. As soon as she learned about Amira's heritage, she began making slurs against Arabs. Ezra and Amira have a heart-to-heart & realize that, despite their great connection, they will never be able to get along with each other's parents.

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Do Akbar & Shelley Realise What They've Done?

Ezra & Mo's podcast has grown in popularity three months after they called off their wedding. He refers back to something she mentioned earlier: black & white people would never be cool. She used the example of a couple in which the male had cheated & the lady is unable to move forward because she cannot trust him again.

Because of their previous servitude, black people do not trust white people. After meeting Amira, Ezra says he really believed she was mistaken. Regardless of how much they loved each other, external obstacles would never allow them to be together.

Akbar's brother tells him straight out that he was too harsh on Ezra and never gave him a chance, causing him to see the folly of his ways. Amira and Ezra have missed one another. Shelley and Akbar arrange an ‘accidental' meeting to sort it out one day.