Interesting things to Know about You Are My Spring?

As we know the craze of Korean drama in the television market, The K drama has created its own fan base, which is increasing day by day. If you are also a fan of Korean drama, then you are going to love this article. As in this article, we are going to have a look at a South Korean drama named “ You are My Spring”. The romantic drama has won many hearts in the market. The show was directed by Jung-Ji- Hyun and was released on July 5, 2021, and premiered on tvN. The show consists of 16 episodes.

So, Let have a look all at the show:

What is it all about?

This show you will come across three main characters who started to live in a building where the murder occurred. Kang-da Jeong started to stay at Gangneung for a short time; she thought her home was a part of her heart. After she started working as a hotel manager, she moves to Gugu Building, Where she got involved in a murder case.

Ju Young-Do, who was a Physiatrist who helps suicidal humans to live beautiful life again. In this, we will get introduced further with Chae Jun, the CEO of the investment company. Who fell in love with Kang-Da Jeong, and after a lot, he, at last, expressed his feeling to her with a good approach. 

The show's plot is full of romantic scenes full of the romance of the couple and thrilling scenes that have attracted man viewers.

To explore more about the couple, you need to watch the show and answer the question that would you like Jeong and Young to be a couple, and also, after watching the movie, you can solve the mystery between Lan and Chae.

you are my spring

The Cast of You Are My spring

This show introduces Seo-Jun Hyun as Kang-de Jeong, Kim-Dong Wook as Ju young-Do, Yoon Park as Chae Jun, and many more co-artist, who attracted many of the viewers with their acting in the television market. 

Critical response of the show

The review aggregator like IMDb has rated the show with a rating of 7.7 out of ten which was based on the review of 50 critics. This shows that the show can be termed to be one of the best production of the session, which also has its own fanbase in the market.

Where Can We Watch the Show?

The show was first premiered on the tvN after it was aired on KST at 21:00 every Monday and Tuesday. The series is also available on Netflix. 

Wrapping Up

The Korean drama “You are my spring” can be considered as one of the best series of the session, which also has a good rating by the critics and has attracted many viewers due to its storyline and acting. So, if you are a fan of K drama or like to watch romantic series, I would recommend you to watch the show once.

There are many questions in the article I have left for you; after watching the show, please comment below the article.

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