Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date: Cast | Plot | Trailer | and Everthing We Know So Far!

Something we did must have pleased the content gods since Showtime's Yellowjackets is a fantastically twisted, genre-bending masterpiece. In case you haven't heard of it, the show is a psychological mindf*ck that combines elements of mystery, horror, suspense, drama, and survival thriller.

The show follows the lives of the women who were on a high school girls' soccer team that was involved in a plane crash in 1996 and survived the ordeal, both immediately after the crash as the teenagers tried to make it on their own while they were stranded for 19 months, and 25 years later as they struggled to come to terms with their experiences.

Showtime renewed Yellowjackets for a second season in December 2021, approximately halfway through the first season, since the show is complicated, thought-provoking, and instantly addictive. This is everything we know about the upcoming second season of Yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Midway through December of 2021, Yellowjackets was renewed for a second season. Shooting for the second season of Yellowjackets began in August of 2022, with a premiere date in the first half of 2023 in mind.

 The second season of Yellowjackets may premiere as soon as the first quarter of 2023, according to Esquire. This indicates that a trailer and other season details are on the way.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Plot

In 1996, a plane carrying a high school girls' soccer team to a tournament crashes, leaving them stranded. While doling out tantalizing crumbs about what actually happened out in the woods, the survivors find themselves cheating, lying, and plunging into violence and even cannibalism; in the present day, the series also explores the repercussions on the psyches of the survivors 20 years later.

However, the premise for Season 2 has not been revealed, not even to the network, leaving fans in a state of frantic anticipation.

In addition, Levine shared his thoughts with Deadline. “Certainly Ashley, Bart, and Jonathan [Lisco, the show's creator and showrunner] have some ideas, but they haven't been developed, and they haven't been communicated to us.

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There will be some unexpected turns with the characters, that much I know. There are still a lot of unknowns regarding the situation outside, including who made it. In that regard, there will be some genuine surprises, including, possibly, some personalities you haven't met yet.”

Yellowjackets Season Cast: Who Will Be in Season 2?

Is there a better cast on TV than Yellowjackets? Teenage versions of these characters are pitch-perfect, resemble their older counterparts to an astonishing degree, and we have true luminaries like Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, and Tawny Cypress living here.

yellowjackets season 2

And after that season's end, it seems even the kids who died might come back as ghosts in the next. Including Ella Purnell's Jackie, of course. At the absolute least, we might see them again in flashbacks. For the most part, yes, that does happen throughout the series. Thus, it's unrealistic to assume that none of the original cast members will return for Season 2.

Ashley Lyle, one of the show's executive producers, elaborated on this potential in an interview with Deadline.

“I find it hilarious to observe the fervent fandom and skepticism of the show's audience. Just so there's no confusion, Jackie is definitely deceased at that point. You haven't completely shut the door on ever seeing Ella again.”

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What about Lottie as an adult, though? A clairvoyant Antler Queen is revealed to be a modern-day figure at the season one finale. While this likely suggests that someone other than Courtney Eaton will play the adult version of the character, fans who were hoping to see a new cast member join in the final minutes of the finale were likely left disappointed.

Yellowjackets Season 1 Review

The first season of Yellowjackets is showing on Showtime right now, and viewers are responding enthusiastically.

Similarly, season two of Yellowjackets is poised to be a huge success with viewers.

yellowjackets season 2

The most recent episode of Yellowjackets' first season showed that three days into the trip, Taissa tries to persuade the group to go towards a nearby lake.

The group finds an abandoned cabin just as tensions are rising among them. Taissa and Lottie find a body in the attic late at night.

While running for office against Taissa in 2021, her opponent aired a commercial depicting her as a cannibal. Fears for her son's well-being intensify as he intentionally injures another youngster at the playground, prompting Taissa to take disciplinary action.

Later on, Shauna goes with her husband to a motel, where she encounters Adam and sees Jeff with another lady.

Thereafter, Adam and Shauna check into a hotel room together. At the same moment, Natalie and Misty both find Travis's body on a ranch and come to the conclusion that he was murdered. The future has much intrigue, so let's wait and see.

We anticipate that the storyline established in Yellowjackets Season 1 will be expanded upon in Season 2.

It's also feasible that Yellowjackets will begin Season 2 from scratch. As further information becomes available, we will include it here regarding the second season of the TV show Yellowjackets.

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Yellowjackets Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no Season 2 Yellowjackets trailer available. The reason for this is that a renewal for Yellowjackets' second season has not been officially announced. Given that the second season of Yellowjackets has been officially ordered, its premiere may not be too far off now.

The Season 1 Yellowjackets trailer is available down below. Showtime released it on August 24th, 2021. Join me in watching it.

Where Can I Watch Yellowjackets Season 2?

Yellowjackets Season 2 will be available for streaming on Paramount+ after its release.