World of Goo 2 Launch Date Enhanced, Now August!

The game started development sometime in 2020. The World of Goo 2 game will have more than 64 levels and will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Wow! It sounds really fascinating and unique. In this game, we use water-like creatures to tackle challenges across different levels and build bridges, towers, and other things to complete them. Along with that, we can also transform the creatures according to our preferences, which adds a unique twist to experiencing and playing the game.


  • Developer : 2D BOY
  • Publisher :  Tomorrow Corporation
  • Available  :  02/08/24
  • Genres     :   Video game, Puzzle
  • Features   :  Single Player
  • Platform   :   Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems
  • Series         :  World of Goo
Languages Supported

  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: English, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese – Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese – Brazil, Spanish – Spain, Spanish – Latin America, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

World Of Goo 2 Release Date

World of Goo 2 Expected Release Date

The game World of Goo 2 upcoming PC and Switch release date in the USA and UK is confirmed to be Friday 2nd August.

The World Of Goo 2 game will have more than 64 levels.

What is the Game Play of World Of Goo 2?

  • As seen in the announcement trailer, the gameplay of this sequel will be similar to the first game. Players can move goo balls across the map and use them to build structures such as bridges and towers.
  • Returning Goo Balls include Balloon, Black Goo, Dark Black Goo, Green Goo, and White Goo, with more possibly returning. The game's levels are divided into chapters like the first game, and feature gameplay mechanics such as gravity and wind.
  • The gameplay features a new type of goo, brown goo, which sticks to the ground instead of other goo formations and becomes part of the ground when attached to it.
  • Another new gameplay feature is Liquids, which includes Goo liquid and magma. Goo comes from liquid pipes, while magma destroys structures and kills goo balls.
  • Additionally, goo cannons will appear, which are attached to structures and periodically shoot out goo balls. Goo Canon also shoots out a type of liquid.
  • Also includes Glow Goo and Ice Goo. Ice Goo breaks when applied too much pressure and Glow Goo glows.
  • Jelly goo is also a new type, which can roll like jelly and be cut into pieces. There are also bombs, but they are different from sticky bombs.

Where To Play Tomba?

The game World of Goo 2 upcoming PC and Switch release date in the USA and UK is confirmed. You can play the game World Of Goo 2 upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X .

World of Goo 2 Official Trailer

World Of Goo 2 Release Date

It seems like you're looking for a trailer of World Of Goo 2. The trailer for it was unveiled during The Game Awards 2023. You can watch the trailer by clicking this link.

Use living liquid creatures to build bridges, grow towers, terraform terrain, and more in a beautiful, dangerous, and evolving world when World of Goo 2.


World of Goo 2 has a unique story that explores themes like consumerism, beauty, industrialization versus nature, and collectivism. The player acts as an unseen person who collects goo balls and moves them to the World of Goo Corporation. This company converts the goo into beauty products.

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