Woman of the Dead Ending Explained: Who Killed Mark?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Woman of the Dead, a new German Netflix thriller based on Bernhard Aichner's novel of the same name. Blum, a forensic doctor living in a small, lonely community in the German Alps, is the protagonist of the series.

Blum and her family will face a horrific catastrophe there that will impact their lives forever. She will clash with the powers that be in this distant region of the world as she wanders across town to solve the mystery behind this tragedy, revealing some dark truths.

Woman of the Dead is a thrilling thriller full of twists and turns and grisly surprises. It's a classic European thriller, and even the ending fits inside the constraints of numerous other series. It's beautifully shot, and Anna Maria Mühe completely sells the character of Blum.

There are numerous other excellent performances in the series, but Mühe is the standout. Because the series is based on the first novel of a trilogy, expect this season to end on a cliffhanger, as more seasons are on the way.

Woman of the Dead Ending Explained: Who Killed Mark?

Before approaching Bertl Puch, Blum kills Jaunig by setting him on fire. Blum discovers that Puch has the same symbol on his body and murders him with Reza's assistance. Blum discovers that Joe Blenk is an alias for Dr. Ludwig, the doctor to whom Mark took Duja after finding her.

While Blum is murdering Ludwig, he admits to the crimes but denies murdering Mark. Meanwhile, the authorities have linked Blum to the deaths of Jaunig and Puch, as well as Edwin's disappearance. Blum, with Reza's assistance, covers up the deaths and receives a flash disc from Sebastian Hackspiel.

Woman of the Dead Ending Explained

Blum, on the other hand, believes she has slain all of the men guilty of her husband's death. Massimo's offer of dinner is accepted after he saves her during the police probe. Blum hands Reza the flash disc before heading out to supper with Massimo. When Reza sees the tape on the drive, he realizes Massimo is the group's fifth member.

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Blum, on the other hand, notices the burn mark on Massimo's body, proving his status as the fifth member. When Blum confronts Massimo, he discloses that the group raped Gerda, Theile, and Hackspiel's daughter. Massimo assisted them in covering up the murder by killing Gerda, which led to their pack.

Mark became aware of the group's actions and came perilously near to apprehending them. As a result, Massimo murdered his best buddy in order to keep the agreement he made with the group a long time ago. Unlike the other men, Massimo admits to being the one responsible for Mark's death and brags about it.

Massimo attempts to murder Blum upon the disclosure. He knocks her out and drags Blum to the isolated engine room where the group sexually abused young females. Massimo, the fifth disguised man, serves as a metaphor for how we frequently fail to recognize the actual nature of those closest to us. Despite being a close friend of Mark's, Massimo murdered him for selfish reasons.

Where Did Blum's Parents Go?

Blum and her adoptive parents were on vacation years ago, according to flashbacks in the first episode. Blum fell asleep while on a boat, and her parents went for a dip. Blum's parents, on the other hand, drown and perish in the ocean. Blum is traumatized and distraught until Mark arrives to assist her.

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This was Mark and Blum's first meeting, which led to their happy family life. However, as the story progresses, we discover that Blum's parents molested her. In the following episodes, we see flashbacks that connect Blum's parents' deaths with her childhood torture.

Woman of the Dead Ending Explained

The scenes imply that Blum was responsible for their deaths. The concluding seconds of the previous episode reveals that Mark knew the truth. Blum confesses to killing her parents but says they deserved it.

Finally, the news that Blum murdered her parents adds another dimension to the foundation of Mark and Blum's bond. Furthermore, it highlights Blum's latent killer potential, which is revealed after Mark's death, bringing her story full circle.