With Young People From the Site, Cruciro Begins to Confront Vasco

(Photo: Bruno Hadat / Cruciro)

With youngsters under the age of 20, Cruciro began preparations to face Vasco on Monday. Teams measure strength at 9:30 pm on Thursday in Minneapolis for the 6th round of Series B.

The basic boys who took part in the operation were defender Matthias Vieira, midfielder Daniel Jr. and pioneers Richelmo and Nicholas Quiros.

From that list, Matthias Vieira is likely to be called up because coach Mozart Santos Weverton, Suspend and Eduardo Brock have not been injured.

Vieira will be an alternative to Joseph, Ramon and Palo as the coach has shown a preference for the 3-4-3 program.

In turn, Daniel Jr. stands as the highest-scoring player with six goals in the Sub-20 Miniro Championship.

The only person on the first team to get a chance was Rickelmo: he played in three games in the 2020 season.

Mozart was also back in the right-back Raul Cicero, who was sidelined last week due to a positive test for COVID-19.

Cruciro, who was beaten 2-1 by Oberoi, was relegated to 18th in Serie B with four points. Vasco, who beat CRP 3-0, finished seventh in ninth place.