Who is Wisp? When Did the YouTuber Reveal His Real Face?

Some internet personas become known not only for their fascinating material but also for the mystery surrounding their true identity.

Wisp, a popular content creator and Minecraft streamer whose online character has attracted viewers all around the world is one such enigmatic figure.

Wisp's reluctance to reveal his face has only fueled the curiosity and intrigue among his fans.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of Wisp and explore the ongoing quest for a face reveal.

Who Is Wisp?

Kit, sometimes known as Wisp, is an English YouTuber who mostly posts content on Minecraft gaming on his channel.

Kit is also active on Twitch, however, he posts about himself, his attractiveness, his looks, and other topics rather than gaming videos.

Wisp has not yet released any personal information about himself, although he did do a face reveal in one of his movies titled ‘Minecraft but every item is random….(wisp face reveal).'

Kit has two YouTube channels, albeit he only updates frequently on one of them, Wisp. On October 28, 2020, he reached his first YouTube milestone of 100,000 subscribers.

To date, he has received numerous YouTube play buttons and has 4.73 million subscribers on his channel. He had over 4 million subscribers in August 2021, and some of his videos had over 800 million views.

Wisp Face Reveal

Wisp used a faceless avatar in his videos and on social media throughout his online career, never disclosing his genuine face.

This decision had long sparked discussion and interest among his admirers, who were notorious for their zealous pursuit of any hints about what Wisp would look like.

In an unexpected turn of events, Wisp decided to finally disclose his face to his viewers during a live stream.

wisp face reveal

The news surprised his supporters, who had become accustomed to the mystery surrounding his identity.

Wisp removed his mask and revealed his face to the world during the live stream, marking a watershed point in his online career.

How Did Wisp Rise to Fame?

Wisp started his YouTube channel in 2015 and has been involved in esports and live gaming streams for over five years.

His focus in his films is on the Minecraft game, and he is an expert in it. He is an Ultra Hardcore player who has played on servers such as Hypixel, FluxPvP, and others.

Kit even had his own server called UHCArcade/MCArcade, which he no longer owned.

He used to play a lot on Hypixel, but he had to leave because of hackers. Kit actively participates in Minecraft events and works with other players.

He worked with Technoblade and took part in Minecraft Week 14.

Kit is an extremely private individual who has not revealed any personal information about himself.

After playing Minecraft in one of his videos, he showed his face at the conclusion, and this video received a lot of views.

Kit also broadcasts on Twitch, where, instead of playing games, he frequently conducts polls and asks his followers about changes in his appearance or anything else connected to his appearance.

He has worked with several UHC players, including Speedsilver, and he is pals with Tubbo and Tommyinnit.

He accepts challenges and interacts with a large number of gamers, including TimeDeo. Wisp uploads videos every Wednesday and competes in numerous Minecraft tournaments.

Noxcrew hosts the MC Championship, a Minecraft tournament for gaming YouTubers and streamers. In this tournament, ten teams of four players compete in a series of eight-level games.

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The teams compete, and the top two teams go to the final round, where whoever scores the most points in the Dodgebolt round wins.

Kit took part in nearly every round in partnership with his squad.

What Is Wisp's Net Worth?

Wisp's primary source of income is YouTube advertising money, hence his net worth is believed to be over $1 million.

According to Social Blade, his monthly earnings range from $4.1K to $66.2K, and his annual earnings range from $49.7K to $794.7K.

Wisp's additional money comes from donations received during live Twitch streams.

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