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Winston Marshall Net Worth 2022: Is Winston Marshall Still Married?

Winston Marshall net worth

It's likely that Winston Marshall's net worth will be affected by his departure from Mumford & Sons as the main guitarist and banjo player. Since quitting the band in 2007, he's been planning to make this statement ever since, and it finally happened on June 24th, 2021. A former member of Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers, Winston Marshall is most known for his sleazy raps in the bluegrass genre.

In the following years, he joined Mumford & Sons. Since the day it was born. And he won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year for Babel, which he did there. Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement and the Brit Award for Best British Group went to Mumford & Sons during his stint with the band.

The band has been on hiatus since March of 2021. Only after the departure of lead guitarist Winston Marshall did the media begin to report on Mumford & Sons.

Winston Marshall explained why he had to leave the band. His resignation was precipitated by a rift that erupted when he expressed his views on a book in the company newsletter. Andy Ngo, a far-right author, and activist wrote a book titled “Unmasked” about this topic. As a result of this, many people began to question Marshall's admiration for the book Fans of the band and began to refer to Winston Marshall as a fascist.

So he decided to leave the band in order to protect his other band members. Winston quickly knew that the scandal will eventually affect his bandmates as well.

He has decided to separate himself from the band he loves in order to avoid causing them any pain. Now, he should be able to express his thoughts more effectively. And let's hope that supporters' animosity toward him doesn't spill over to Mumford & Sons.


Early life

Wiltshire-born Winston Aubrey Aladar de Balkan Marshall was the son of British entrepreneur and Marshall Wace co-founder Sir Paul Marshall and Sabina de Balkany from a prestigious European Jewish family. One of Giovanna's siblings is the singer/songwriter.   Molly de Balkany was one of France's first female property developers, and Marshall's maternal great-uncle, Robert Zellinger de Balkany, was a wealthy property developer and the ex-husband of Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy.

  For many centuries, the family's origins were in Hungary, but they changed their name to “de Balkany” upon arriving in France.  Marshall has stated that 13 members of his family “were slaughtered in the Holocaust,” and that his maternal grandmother was a survivor. St Paul's School in London is where Marshall received his formal education.

The Guardian reported in 2010 that “Musicians who receive their education outside of the classroom do not have any inherent flaws. When one of them persists in calling himself “Country” Winston Marshall, it's a tad annoying.”


Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers, a bluegrass sleaze rap group with songs like “Jesse the Gay” and “Country London,” featured Marshall in the early 2000s. When it came to his musical instrumentation,  Marshall was known as “Country Winston Driftwood,” and he was known to play all of them.

At Bosun's Locker, a small music club beneath a Fulham pasty store, Marshall hosted a jam session “for teens who wanted to drink and perform music”. Musicians with a passion for earthy acoustic music, such as Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling, attended the jam evenings.

Winston Marshall's Net Worth

As of 2021, Winston Marshall is expected to have a fortune of $13 million. When he was selected as a music artist in 2014, this was an enormous leap. More than £9 million in assets were reported for Winston Marshall back then.

It's a pittance compared to his father Paul Marshall's fortune. His net worth is estimated at £630 million. On top of that, Winston Marshall purchased a $3.2 million Nolita Loft in Manhattan. This loft has three bedrooms and a living area of 2000 square feet. This downtown New York home, which costs a stunning $3.2 million, is for sale.

Winston Marshall Relationship

Right now, Winston Marshall is not dating anyone. In spite of the fact that he was previously married, the connection has since been severed. Dianna Agron, an actress, was his wife. The two met in Paris in 2015 and began dating soon after.

Later, the duo was spotted together at a “She's Funny That Way” after-party when they appeared to be getting close to one another. After a few months of dating, the pair decided to get engaged right away. On October 15th, 2016, the pair tied the knot in Morocco. In August 2020, the pair divorced after three years of marriage.


Many of the most successful British nu-folk acts, including Laura Marling, Laura Flynn, Hayward-Young, Noah and the Whale, Alan Pownall, King Charles, Alessi's Ark, and Peggy Sue, can trace their roots back to Marshall's folk jam nights at the Bosun's Locker, which he reportedly started as a way to practice the banjo. “I don't believe you could blame the obsession on anyone else,” remarked one of the musicians who performed there.

Mumford & Sons' success and critical acclaim can be attributed in part to Marshall Morrison's banjo work. According to Emmylou Harris, their music is credited with bringing the banjo back into the mainstream in both Europe and the United States.  Deering's Winston Marshall Signature Model banjo is named after Marshall, and the band's name is thought to be associated with the banjo.

Personal life

Marshal was romantically linked to Mumford & Sons and Haim stylist Susan Cooney, and they both attended the White House British State Dinner in March of that year. He apparently supposedly “hooked up” with Katy Perry while she was dating John Mayer in 2015, according to rumors.

 Dianna Agron, an American actress, was originally linked to Marshall in July 2015. The pair became engaged towards the end of the year. On October 15, 2016, they got married in Morocco Their relationship was kept under wraps, including avoiding mentioning each other on social media.  They divorced in 2020 after divorcing for two years.

The pressures of touring led Marshall to self-medicate with alcohol and use a combination of hard drugs, characterizing the time as “all a bit of a haze” in 2022; he became clean in 2019, adding that this provided him clarity and energy, and he plans to release a new album in 2019. After a “difficult separation” with Agron, he reverted to Christianity around the time of their divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened With Winston Marshall?

In response to the reaction after his post in support of a right-wing author, Mumford & Sons' lead guitarist has left the band. Taking time off from the band in March, Winston Marshall said writer Andy Ngo was “brave” for writing a book claiming far-left activists have “radical intentions to undermine democracy.

What Did Winston Marshall Say?

Right-wing and left-wing political fanaticism are both unacceptable to me, and I oppose them both. In the period since, I've taken considerable time to ponder, read, and listen. So long as I am in the band, speaking out against the dangers posed by political extremism may get me into problems with the rest of them.

Is Winston Marshall Still Married?

Her marriage to ex-Mumford & Sons banjo musician Winston Marshall ended in divorce in August of 2020, Us Weekly reported at the time. After allegedly “lived apart” since 2019, a source tells the publication that Agron has returned to the dating scene. 2022 3 21

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