Winds of Winter Release Date 2022: When The Book Will Be Coming Out?

The novel is the subject of this essay. The Winds of Winter is a television series (Game of Thrones) episode. See also Winter wind for related articles.

George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire will conclude with The Winds of Winter, the projected sixth book in the series.

According to Martin's estimates, more than 3,000 manuscript pages are expected to fill the final two volumes of the series. Martin kept the ultimate publishing date of the work under wraps.


The Others will appear in The Winds of Winter, which will take readers further north than any of the previous volumes. In the last installment, A Dance with Dragons, less story was covered than Martin expected, with at least one planned huge battle sequence and several character strands ending in cliffhangers.

In Martin's view, these themes should be resolved “beginning with the two huge battles I was building up to, the battle in ice and the battle in Meereen—the battle of Slaver's Bay. Once you've done that, you may move on.”

An hour and a half after the conclusion of A Dance with Dragons, a new Victarion Greyjoy chapter will begin in Slaver's Bay on the eve of the Ironborn arrival. Aegon VI Targaryen, a young man, claiming to be Arianne Martell, has been seen in Martin's sample chapters heading to Griffin's Roost.

The Winds of Winter's gloomy tone was hinted at by Martin during the Guadalajara International Book Fair in 2016 “For the past 20 years, I've been warning you about the impending winter.

Winds of winter

Winter is a period of death and ice and darkness, so this isn't going to be the joyful feel-good people expect. It's a dark environment for some of the characters….. For many people, things are only going worse before they improve.”

Background and Publication


A Song of Ice and Fire's seventh and final book, The Winds of Winter, was initially planned to be the series' concluding chapter (then conceived as a trilogy). Martin eventually concluded that A Dream of Spring would be the final book in the series after expanding it.

Martin expects the series' subsequent two volumes to be massive works with more than 1,500 manuscript pages apiece.

A Feast for Crows' initial draught was too long to be published, so he had to divide the characters by region. “Three years from now, when I'm sitting on 1,800 pages of material with no end in sight, who knows,” he said in an interview in 2011.


A few of his publishers had recommended breaking The Winds of Winter into two books, but he was “resisting” this idea, he said in 2018.

A Storm of Swords has 1521 manuscript pages, and A Dance with Dragons had more than 1,600 pages before trimming; in 2022, he predicted that the manuscript of The Winds of Winter could be as large as either of these two works.


Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, and Arianne Martell all had chapters completed by the end of June 2010 for Martin's The Winds of Winter. The chapter about Aeron Greyjoy that had been relocated from A Dance with Dragons to The Winds of Winter was added in July 2010, bringing the total number of pages in the final manuscript up to approximately one hundred.

After the release of A Dance with Dragons in July 2011, Martin indicated that he would return to writing the series in January 2012, having spent the intervening time on his book marketing tours and attending various conventions in the US and abroad.

He worked on the illustrated series companion guide The World of Ice and Fire concordance and Westeros history with Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson. He also contributed to the fourth Tales of Dunk and Egg tale, which takes place in Westeros.

Winds of winter

According to Martin, a sample chapter of A Dance with Dragons will be included at the end of the North American paperback version of The Winds of Winter in December 2011.

In mid-2012, it was expected to be launched. However, it was released on October 29, 2013. (International paperback editions of A Dance with Dragons published a year earlier did not include a new, as yet unpublished sample chapter.)

Victarion Greyjoy and Tyrion Lannister were among the other characters whose new chapters Martin read aloud in public during the first quarter of 2012.

The Lands of Ice and Fire series atlas was published in October 2012 by Martin, who continues to edit anthologies and work on the series atlas.

Another sample chapter from Arianne Martell's perspective was uploaded on Martin's website in January 2013. Martin published a chapter titled Mercy on his website on March 27, ten days before the debut of Game of Thrones season four.

According to Martin, the new chapter is an old one that was never published or viewed by anyone else. Alayne, a branch of The Winds of Winter written by Sansa Stark, was provided by Martin in April 2015.

Martin read an Arianne Martell chapter from Mysticon in May 2016 in place of this chapter, and an Aeron Greyjoy chapter from A Dance with Dragons was read at Balticon in June 2016.

A total of 11 chapters from The Winds of Winter had been read in public or published as a sample chapter as of June 2016. Victarion, Aeron, Tyrion, Barristan, Arianne, Theon, Mercy (Arya), and Alayne are the protagonists in the available material (Sansa).

Winds of winter

Plot twists, hypotheses, and speculations from The Winds of Winter have been the subject of total discussion panels on several websites, including Goodreads.

Martin announced in 2018 that he would stop providing free sample chapters. According to Martin, he was working on some sample chapters in 2020.

Winds Of Winter Release Date

The Winds of Winter is expected to be released in November 2023, according to several online reports.

In reality, this date appears to have stemmed from an online joke that stated it would be possible to develop, write, film, and air the complete Game of Thrones series between the fifth and sixth novels if the latter comes out on November 13, 2023. That is to say, this time and date are fictitious.

Martin has yet to provide an official timeframe or even a rough estimate of the current state of affairs. The day he submits the final draught of his novel to his publisher, he'll likely announce on his blog his plans.