William S. Hart’s Net Worth: How He Earned So Much Fame?

William Surrey Hart was an American silent film actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He is remembered as a foremost Western star of the silent era who “imbued all of his characters with honor and integrity.”

William S. Hart's Early Life

William S. Hart, an American film actor, was born on December 6, 1864. A cowboy movie star whose credits include Tumbleweeds. He had an appearance in Ben-Hur in 1907 and is the author of more than ten novels. According to horoscope experts, William S. Hart is a Sagittarius.

He married actress Winifred Westover, with whom he had a son. Hart William S., and his wife, Winifred Westover. As of May of 2022, William S. Hart is currently single. William Poogie Hart, frontman of The Delfonics, passed away at the age of 77. Fans of his work and members of The Delfonics are saddened by the news of his passing.

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Hart's parents, Nicholas Hart (about 1834–1895) and Rosanna Hart (around 1839–1909), gave birth to him in Newburgh, New York. William had four sisters and two brothers, both of whom passed away at an early age. Both his English father and Irish mother were native born. The famous western actor Neal Hart was his distant relative.

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In 1888, while still in his 20s, he made his stage debut as a member of a group led by Daniel E. Bandmann. The next year, he became a member of Lawrence Barrett's New York theatre troupe, and he later spent many seasons performing with Mlle. In an effort to establish himself as an actor, he travelled extensively and produced productions at the Asheville Opera House in North Carolina about 1900.

William S. Hart's Career

Hart eventually rose to prominence as a major Hollywood Western film actor. He became friends with famous lawmen Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, and he even obtained Billy the Kid's “six shooters,” demonstrating his interest in and knowledge of the Old West.

He made his cinema debut in 1914, and after appearing in two shorts in supporting parts, he became a major sensation with his performance in the feature picture The Bargain the same year.

Hart had a strong desire to create authentic Westerns. Hart's acting skills, trained on Shakespearean theatrical stages in the United States and England, are on full display in his films, which are also lauded for their historically accurate costumes and props.

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Roscoe Arbuckle, a popular comedian in Hollywood, was accused of raping and killing an aspiring actress named Virginia Rappe in 1921. Due to the storm of controversy surrounding Arbuckle's case, many of his fellow performers have remained silent.

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But Hart, who never worked with or met Arbuckle, made many damning public remarks in which he assumed the actor was guilty. Eventually exonerated but with his career destroyed, Arbuckle sold Buster Keaton the idea for a picture in which Hart is portrayed as a robber, bully, and wife abuser. Keaton co-wrote, directed, and performed in the silent comedy The Frozen North (1922).

William S. Hart's Net worth

The current estimate for Hart's wealth is $1.5 million. While in his twenties, he coached different productions at the Asheville Opera House.

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William Hart’s revenue source comes largely from being a successful Soundtrack. He is from USA. We have assessed William Hart's net worth, money, salary, income, and assets.

William S. Hart's Personal Life

Hart and his sister Mary were quite close; in fact, Mary followed Hart to California. He refers to Mary as “my continuous counsellor” and notes that she handles his fan letters in his memoirs My Life East and West. Two of his novels, Pinto Ben and Other Stories (1919) and And All Points West, credit Mary as a co-author (1940).

william s. hart networth

Westover moved into the residence shared by Hart and his sister, Mary. Six months into the marriage Hart urged his pregnant wife to leave his house, and she moved to live with her mother in Santa Monica. During the divorce court Westover claimed that Hart’s sister was the basis for the split, and that her husband had insisted on keeping open the door that divided their bedroom from his sister’s room.

William S. Hart's Death

Hart passed away on June 23, 1946, at the age of 81 in Newhall. He was laid to rest in Brooklyn, New York, at the Green-Wood Cemetery. “I have made no provision in my will for my son for the reason that I have sufficiently supplied for him during my lifetime,” it reads in his last will and testament.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall is William S. Hart?

1.88 m

What Did William S. Hart Become Famous for?

William S. Hart Created the Role of the Cowboy in Silent Films. As He Lived, He Shaped the Image of the Upright, Polite, Honest, and Modest “White Hat” Cowboy Hero Who Would Come to Be Associated With the Western Canon. His Debut Film, a Two-reeler Titled His Hour of Manhood, Featured Him in the Role of This Man (1914).

What Really Caused William Hart's Untimely Demise?

Prostrate Cancer
William Hart, 71, Has Passed Away From Prostate Cancer. Four-time William Hart, Nominated for an Oscar and One of Hollywood's Most Popular Leading Men of the 1980s, Has Died of Prostate Cancer. On March 14, 2022, He Turned the Ripe Old Age of Seventy-one.

Who Was the Father of Actor William Hart?

Alfred Mcchord Hart

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