Will there Be White Lines Season 2?

Lex Pina's White Lines is a British-Spanish mystery thriller streaming television series. On May 15, 2020, Netflix launched the 10-episode first season. After one season, the show was cancelled in August 2020.

What is in the series of white lines?

When Zoe Walker's brother Axel is discovered dead in Ibiza 20 years after going missing while working as a DJ, she resolves to investigate. Axel Collins, a Manchester-born DJ who went missing in Ibiza twenty years ago, has been discovered after heavy rains in the Almera desert. Because Axel's murder would not be probed owing to Spanish prosecution regulations, his sister Zoe Walker travels to Ibiza herself in quest of answers.

Andreu Calafat, a strong businessman on the island, is disturbed by the discovery of Axel's death on his property; he assigns Boxer, his chief of security, the duty of determining if his wife Conchita or son Oriol were involved in Axel's murder. When Zoe and Boxer pay a visit to Marcus, Axel's old closest buddy, their investigations intersect.

As they attempt to dispose of Marcus' cocaine stockpile, Zoe and Boxer get trapped in a high-speed pursuit with the cops. Marcus begs Zoe to defend his children after being severely attacked, while Boxer advances against the Romanians. When Andreu asks Kika to take over as CEO of the firm, he alienates Oriol and Conchita. Oriol interrogates Cristóbal Martnez ruthlessly in order to clear his name, but his methods risk reigniting a feud amongst Ibiza's most prominent families.

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Fate of White Lines Season 2?

Fans will be disappointed to learn that White Lines will not be renewed for a second season on Netflix. The show premiered in mid-May this year and rapidly rose to the top of the streamer's top ten list in numerous regions, where it remained for quite some time However, the streaming service has been unusually silent regarding the show's future, leading its performers to break the news themselves.

White Lines has been cancelled after a single season, according to Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays, which came as a shock to the cast. “That gig did so well…,” Mays remarked in an interview with NME. But I don't believe it'll go again, which is a bit of a pity… For the past two months, we've known.

Reason Behind White Line Season 2 Cancellation

We don't know why White Lines was cancelled by Netflix since the streaming giant keeps its audience data under wraps. However, the series remained among the top ten most-watched Netflix titles for several weeks, indicating that viewers were watching throughout.

The termination, according to co-star Daniel Mays, was based on two factors: the first season's pretty definitive finale and the multinational aspect of the production.

Thankfully, White Lines was able to decisively wrap up its huge murder mystery in the season one conclusion, revealing in a surprising twist that Anna and Marcus were responsible for Axel Collins' killing. As a result, if White Lines had been extended for a second season, the plot would have had to take an entirely different turn, which Netflix may have deemed superfluous.

One alternative is to move the emphasis fully to the present day and follow Zoe as she attempts to figure out what she wants from her life. Alternatively, the show might keep its youthful characters together for additional flashbacks, providing more details regarding Axel's pals' cover-up and subsequent actions.

Wrapping Up

Ending at this note now you know that there will not be White Line season 2. But don't get disappointed because we have more series and movies lined up for you on our website, so you just have to jump to our website and check them all.