Wilko Johnson Death: How Rich Was the Guitarist?

Wilko Johnson has died. He was the guitarist for the British blues-rock band Dr. Feelgood and an actor on “Game of Thrones.” He was 75. On Wednesday, Johnson's official Facebook page said that the rocker had died at his home in England on Monday.

He didn't say what caused his death, but in 2013 he said he had been told he had pancreatic cancer that would kill him. “Thank you for giving Wilko's family their privacy at this very sad time, and thank you all for being such a great help during Wilko's amazing life.” the message said.

Wilko Johnson's Biography

Johnson was born John Wilkinson in 1947 on Canvey Island, a swampy, industrial oil town in England's River Thames estuary. Before creating Dr. Feelgood with other local acquaintances, he studied Anglo-Saxon literature at Newcastle University and worked as a schoolteacher.

Wilko Johnson Death

They played a then-unfashionable brand of blues and R&B, dressed in cheap outfits that made them look like “shoddy bank robbers” in an era of showy glam and extravagant rock. Johnson's jagged, aggressive guitar technique and thousand-yard glare helped give Dr. Feelgood a menacing edge, earning him a spot on “Game of Thrones.”

The anarchic outfit inspired bands that would eventually fuel the U.K. punk explosion, and they teetered on the brink of global stardom, scoring a No. 1 album in the United Kingdom, tours in the United States, and a deal with CBS Records.

Then, in 1977, Johnson left due to disagreements with flamboyant lead singer Lee Brilleaux, who died in 1994. Johnson later stated that if the band had followed its managers' advice on how to act, “I'm confident we'd be multimillionaires.

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However, we did not. We were Canvey Island retirees. We were terrific pals who had a falling out.” Johnson afterward joined Ian Dury's band, the Blockheads, and spent years performing to a devoted fanbase, primarily in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Wilko Johnson Death

According to the Facebook announcement at the time, Johnson was diagnosed with terminal cancer about a decade ago and elected “not to accept any chemotherapy.” After being told he only had nine to ten months to live, the guitarist experienced an unexpected professional resurgence.

Wilko Johnson's Net Worth

Wilko Johnson was the guitarist for Dr. Feelgood, a British blues-rock band. He was 75 years old when he died, having been born on July 12, 1947, in Canvey Island, United Kingdom. Wilko has a net worth of $30-$50 million, according to BiographyDaily.

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Wilko Johnson's Relationship Status

Wilko Johnson Death

Wilko’s Marital Status Is Widow. Irene Knight was his wife. Cancer took the life of his wife in 2004. Together, they have two boys, Matthew and Simon.