Why you should follow Premier League football after watching Ted Lasso

For American audiences, the appeal of soccer hasn’t always been clear. Now, though, thanks to shows like Ted Lasso, there appears to be a clearer understanding of soccer and what it entails. The most popular sport in Europe is actually worth following, too.

Also on show in other soccer-themed productions like Welcome to Wrexham, the passion for soccer in the UK is amazing. Fans dedicate their lives to following their local clubs, both home and away, while the prospect of promotion and relegation results in a tense product that many American sports simply don’t provide. For fans, it’s amazing.

Overall, the fan package is quite remarkable. As well as having endless amounts of coverage to get through, fans can watch a wide range of documentaries dedicated to the beautiful game, there are games like FIFA, Championship Manager, and Football Champions Cup video slots to play, apps to download, fantasy teams to pick, and soccer-themed debates are some of the most passionate and engaging debates around. Put simply, there isn’t a sporting offering quite like it.

So, with smash-hit shows like Ted Lasso shining a light on English soccer and what it can be like, here’s a few reasons why more and more Americans should follow Premier League football.

Influx of American owners helping to shape the game

Although many traditionalists aren’t too happy with the changing landscape of British football, it’s impossible to ignore the influx of American owners in the English football pyramid. Even outside of the Premier League, where clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United have American owners, smaller sides like Gillingham are being run by Americans who have a passion for soccer. These owners are hoping to lead various clubs into a memorable era, while many owners are even helping to transform certain clubs’ fortunes, something Gillingham’s new owners are promising to fans.

The passion surrounding the sport

Of course, sports fans are passionate all around the world, but there is something about English soccer that separates it out from Spanish and Italian football, for example. From comical chants to the fan interaction that can be enjoyed on a typical match day, the passion fans of soccer have for the game in the UK is unrivaled. For example, in many foreign nations fans can mix with each other and it rarely results in any sort of chaos. While this is admirable, in England fans tend to refuse to mix with each other and the tribal nature of the sport creates a truly passionate product.

The history

Why you should follow Premier League football after watching Ted Lasso
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From Fulham’s Craven Cottage stadium to Manchester United’s Old Trafford home, the history is one of the most appealing aspects of following football. Clubs have been around for centuries, with many of the stadiums they play out of containing past achievements in the museum and banners saluting former heroes. One step into a stadium that is steeped in history leaves fans with a sense of awe and wonderment. Put simply, soccer’s history is incredibly interesting.

The transfer madness

Soccer transfers are absolutely crazy these days. Almost like following a soap opera for many soccer lovers, players are moving for astronomical sums of money in 2023. Additionally, a transfer saga can last a while, plus a number of factors can determine whether a transfer is deemed a success or not. We’ve even had players depart clubs after not being given a birthday cake. In soccer, player transfers are mental.

Other reasons why you should follow the Premier League is because it’s the best league in the world, it’s an entertaining sport, you’ll meet like-minded supporters, and you’ll feel like you’re part of a community.

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