Why The Ancient Game of Baccarat Is So Popular Online

If you spend a lot of your free time visiting virtual casinos to play gripping online slots such as Dragon Tiger, you may be intrigued to learn about the ancient origins of one of the most popular online casino games: baccarat.

This simple but compelling game has a long and intriguing history, yet despite being a traditional pastime it still remains well-loved today – in a brand new format. Online baccarat is a firm favourite among everyone from new players to experienced gamblers, and you will be able to find versions of it at most online casinos today.

But why is such a historic game still attracting crowds of players today? Read on to discover the secret to baccarat’s online appeal.

A game with a storied past

No one knows exactly when or how baccarat first began, and several European countries claim to be its birthplace, but it is Italy that seems to be most insistent. Italian historians believe this centuries-old game was first created by a man named Felix Falguiere, who based the game’s rules on a tale from Etruscan folklore.

In the story, a young maiden has to throw a nine-sided dice. If she manages to throw an 8 or a 9, she is told she will be elevated from her current status and become a priestess. If she throws a 6 or a 7, she will lose her status in her local community entirely. But if she throws a number less than 6, she will be cast into the sea to drown.

From this rather chilling tale, Falguiere created Baccarat, naming it ‘baccara’, which signifies the number zero in Italian. It was only much later, when the game’s popularity had spread across the Italian borders to France, that it received the letter ‘t’ at the end of its name.

In France, baccarat became a game for the nobility, played by kings and aristocrats. However, as the years passed, it spread across land and sea, reaching England, where baccarat became a game that anyone and everyone could play and enjoy. It even became the favourite of one of our most adored literary heroes: 007 himself.

A virtual sensation

Now we know the fascinating history behind baccarat – but why is it such an online hit in the 21st century?

The first and foremost reason for the popularity of virtual baccarat is, surely, the game’s simplicity. While there are different strategies players can use to try and win, the essence of the game is very basic and easy to absorb, which makes it an ideal starting point for new players. However, this straightforward gameplay can also make it a refreshing option for experienced gamblers who want to take a break from more complex casino games.

Another crucial factor behind baccarat’s popularity is the fact that it offers particularly high winning odds. Whether you choose to bet on the player or on the banker, you have an excellent chance of winning, with a house edge of either 1.24% or 1.06% respectively.

Last but not least, games of live online baccarat give players the immersive and exciting feel of a brick-and-mortar casino, which they can enjoy while curled up on their sofa or on the bus to work.