Why Offshore Sites May Help Maximise Your Betting Winnings

Offshore sites seem to be the latest trend with US punters. In today's article, we will go over just how and why offshore bookies are the latest trend and how you can use these sites to maximise your potential earnings!

What Are Offshore Betting Sites?

Just like your standard online bookies, offshore bookies are essentially the same, the major difference comes from where they are located. Let’s take this as an example, If we are in the state of Delaware for instance, online sports betting is still illegal, therefore one cannot find an online bookie operating in the state.

That being said one can still make use of an Online bookie legally through the use of an offshore bookie. Offshore bookies are online bookies that operate out of state and in some cases a different country. These bookies usually tend to operate in a legal grey area.

In Delaware, although online betting is illegal one can still make use of offshore betting sites as we earlier stated. Since the offshore bookie operates outside the jurisdiction of the state they cannot stop players from wagering at the site nor shut down the site for offering sports betting to residents in said state.

How To Maximise Potential Earnings From Betting

Now that we have a good understanding of what offshore sites are it’s time to look at a few strategies one can make use of to improve the overall potential earnings.

Step 1: Choosing A Good Bookie

The first step in maximising our potential earnings is making sure we don’t get scammed in the first place. Just like anything good in this world one can always find fakes and too good to be true offers. Today one can take a look at several offshore betting sites for US players that are trustworthy and offer information regarding the legality of betting. It’s essential to make sure the bookie of choice at least has the following qualities.

Gaming Licence

Acquiring a good gaming licence is no easy task for a bookie. In order for a bookie to acquire a gaming licence, they must go through scrutinous and constant checks to make sure they are providing fair gaming and not cheating nor scamming their customers. Some of the best gaming licences are authorised by the MGA or the UKGC but there are several authoritarian sites that are great.

Site Security

One of the most essential steps is making sure your data and information are safe on said site. Social Media sites like America’s choice of drug TikTok, aren't clear on how long they store your data. In fact, many social media platforms are horrible at keeping our data safe and instead sell off our data to make a cheeky profit… Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s essential to make sure that the site of choice takes your data with utmost importance, and at the very least incorporates encryption techniques such as the use of SSL to deter any malicious eyes looking to cause trouble with your data.

You should also make sure that the cookies on said site are going to be used for essential needs instead of being sold off, this can lead to several issues that you would rather not get involved with.

Customer Care

Another step you should consider when choosing a bookie is their customer care services and opening hours. Make sure that during your preferred gaming hours, customer care services are open. This goes for bookies not offering 24/7 support on a 24/7 site, there’s nothing more annoying than having to wait hours to get some assistance.

Step 2: Use Those Bonuses!

The best way to maximise potential profit earnings is through the use of bonuses and promotions offered by these offshore bookies. To be clear it’s not strictly limited to offshore bookies offering incentives to play on their site, as a matter of fact, it’s a popular marketing strategy among the Igaming world.

The Igaming market is flooded with new gaming sites and bookies, this makes competition for bookie sites as hot as it gets. Due to this many bookies look to use bonuses and promotions to swing customers their way.

What this means for punters is loads of good bookies with loads of different promotions and bonuses for us to utilise. Some of the best betting strategies are using two separate sites with a free bet bonus, and placing a bet on both sites on the same game with the same bet type but with opposite results.

Practically what you’ve just done would make it impossible for you to lose that bet, guaranteeing you earnings!


Just like the Strangers Things Season 4 cast did a spectacular job with the last season, offshore bookies have been providing great betting sites for several seasons! Offshore bookies are here to stay and provide some of the best bonuses and promotions we can utilise to maximise our potential earnings!