Why Mr Beast Shaved His Head: Does He Have Any Illness?

Why Mr Beast Shaved His Head? Mr Beast has a reputation for dispersing significant quantities of cash at random. The YouTuber's provocative videos have helped him gain a lot of popularity, but his actions have led others to wonder why.

You can be sure that Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson's passionate fan base will be happy to point out any anomalies they see in his appearance because he is a YouTube sensation and a kindhearted philanthropist. But recently, rumours surfaced that the renowned fashion designer was battling cancer.

During a video conversation with well-known YouTuber Ryan Trahan, who raised $14,000,000 for Feeding America by embarking on a 30-day journey across the country with just a cent, fans got their first glimpse of Mr Beast's new hairstyle. After viewing Mr Beast's most recent movie about a chocolate factory, viewers expressed similar worries.

Why Mr Beast Shaved His Head: Is He Sick With Lung Cancer?

Internet fans started to hear rumours that he had lung cancer after several TikTok videos made the same assertion. The remainder of the video was made up of Mr Beast-related scenes and images, all of which had the statement “He has lung cancer.” But this information is wholly false.

Similar rumours have circulated online before, so this is not a unique occurrence. Subscribers believed a few months ago that the YouTuber's charitable donations were motivated by his kidney problems. The rumour gathered steam and spread more widely after a user on TikTok with the handle hesmyoverd0se posted a video confirming its veracity.

Why Does Mr Beast Donate Cash?

The obvious reason for MrBeast's practise of giving away his money is the promotion of his videos. When Mr Beast initially started producing content, a creator's success depended on how they approached their work differently from other people who are followed on social media. This still holds today.

why mr beast shaved his head

In light of this, spending a lot of money on other people and then donating some of that money seemed like a decent idea. Since then, MrBeast has put a lot of effort into getting himself in a position to get a lot of sponsorships, which not only allow him to be creative but also allow him to advertise his content on social media.

Which Illness is Mr Beast Affected by?

Since the beginning of his career, Mr Beast has been open and honest about his struggles with Crohn's disease. He does not, however, give money to charitable organisations for this reason.

In 2011, the YouTuber revealed his ailment for the first time. In it, he described his battle with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a malady that affects both the colon and the small intestine's end.

The YouTuber continued by saying that he had received his initial Crohn's disease diagnosis when he was a ninth-grader. He continued by noting that there were moments when his pain was simply too great for him to carry out any tasks at all.

Since then, Mr Beast has made it a point to constantly talk about his disease to educate others about it.

Mr. Beast Shaved His Head, but Why?

MrBeast chose to go bald as a form of punishment after losing a 30-day fasting video challenge. On July 2, 2022, Mr Beast stated in his “I Didn't Eat Food For 30 Days” YouTube video that if Chris failed the challenge for whatever reason, he might shave off all of his hair.

why mr beast shaved his head

If you're interested in how MrBeast is doing with the challenge, he went without food for nearly 14 days. However, he didn't give up without trying, so give him credit for that. Throughout the challenge, MrBeast's YouTube videos persisted, including his most recent parody of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

However, Gordon Ramsay, who had previously participated in MrBeast's Chocolate Factory video, offered to cook lunch for him as part of Scrambled after the filming was finished. MrBeast couldn't resist taking advantage of the “golden opportunity” to eat with probably the most excellent chef in history.

When Mr Beast was unintentionally forced to consume a bite of Gordan Ramsay's breakfast sandwich, his 14-day fast came to an end. Mr Beast, who began the challenge at 220 pounds and eventually reached 202 pounds, said it was the most his body has ever been put to the test.

By adding, “I have Crohn's disease (essentially my gut has gobs of inflammation),” the YouTuber revealed that he has the ailment.

Because Crohn's disease is awful, Mr Beast said, “I wanted to give it a break from food to see if it would assist reduce inflammation. I'm pleased I took on this challenge because it taught me a lot about how I can use fasting to lower my inflammation.

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