Why is Netflix “Escape the Undertaker” mansion being called SPOOKY

If you have started following WWE recently, you would still have heard and known about Undertaker already. And if you have been following WWE for a long time, then you probably know a lot about the legend already! He indeed made our childhood great from his unique style, fighting skills, deadly EYES ROLL, coming out of a Coffin, and more! We can write a whole day (and beyond!) when it comes to a WWE legend like Undertaker, but let’s keep that discussion for another day. And jump to Netflix – Escape the Undertaker – and why his mansion scenes are being called SPOOKY. 

The Undertaker real name and personal life

How many of you knew his actual name before coming here? His real name doesn’t sound as threatening and authoritative as his ring name, “Mark William Calaway”! To me, it sounds like some guy running a small business of Ice Cream or something peacefully.

Calaway formed the Bone Street Krew in the 1990s, which included fellow wrestlers Yokozuna, Savio Vega, Charles Wright, The Godwinns, and Rikishi. The initials “BSK” were tattooed on each member, with Undertaker being prominently displayed on his stomach. Calaway and his business partner, Scott Everhart, invest heavily in real estate. In 2007, the two completed construction of “The Calahart,” a $2.7 million structure in Loveland, Colorado, named after a portmanteau of their surnames. In addition, Calaway and his ex-wife Sara founded The Zeus Compton Calaway Save the Animals Fund at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences to assist pay for life-saving therapies for large-breed dogs.

Boxing and mixed martial arts are two of Calaway’s favourite sports. In 2011, he achieved a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu after years of preparation. Mixed martial arts influenced his striking gloves and Hell’s Gate submission (a modified gogoplata). He has given to conservative charities and Republican candidates. He has donned apparel that expresses his opposition to the national anthem demonstrations in the United States.

Escape the Undertaker

The Undertaker all ring names

  • Cain the Undertaker
  • Commando
  • Mark Callous
  • Mean Mark Callous
  • Mean Mark
  • Dice Morgan
  • The Master of Pain
  • The Punisher
  • Kane the Undertaker
  • Texas Red
  • The Undertaker

Escape the Undertaker release date and where to watch

The shooting, editing and all other processes involved have already been completed. It’s all set to release on October 5, 2021. And for the die-hard fans of Undertaker, we don’t even need to know the reviews and ratings for it. We will watch it irrespective of what critics will say once it comes out.

As of now, there is no update on whether or not Escape the Undertaker will be made available on any other platform apart from Netflix. And unless you’re willing to risk your device security by watching/downloading it from a malicious source, CLICK HERE to visit the official Netflix page and watch it (not available before release date).

Escape the Undertaker: What we know so far

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix has launched a new interactive film featuring WWE superstar The Undertaker. Along with Mark Calaway’s renowned persona, Escape The Undertaker features WWE group The New Day: Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston. The New Day will be aided by viewers as they attempt to escape The Undertaker’s Haunted House in the interactive film.

According to the description, the Undertaker has created a trap for the decorated tag team The New Day at his house in an interactive film starring WWE Superstars. “What they don’t realise is that The Undertaker’s house is a full-fledged Haunted House, complete with otherworldly challenges.”

The movie will take around 30 minutes to watch on a single run, and the interactive design gives a variety of narratives based on the player’s choices. For example, “The destiny of these three wretched souls fighting to survive The Undertaker’s fury is up to the viewers to decide.”

Why do we think CREEPY FILM on The Undertaker is a good idea

Wrong question, actually; it should instead have been “WHY NOT”. The Undertaker, who became recognised in the ring for his horror and macabre-themed aesthetic throughout the course of his 30-year tenure with the organisation, would be a good fit for the frightening flick. In November, he announced his retirement from WWE as the company’s longest-serving performer.

Wrapping up

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