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Why is Bernice Wearing a Wig in Emmerdale?

Why is Bernice Wearing Wig

Samantha Giles portrays the fictitious Bernice Blackstock in the British ITV soap opera Emmerdale. Bernice is also known by the names Thomas and White.

On November 25, 1998, she made her on-screen debut. Giles' return to the show was announced in September 2012, and Bernice made her appearance on November 20 after an absence of more than eight years.

Why is Bernice Wearing a Wig in Emmerdale?

Bernice Blackstock returned to Emmerdale on Thursday, and viewers wondered if she was wearing a wig.

But, according to actress Samantha Giles, she is wearing a wig for a very good reason.

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The Emmerdale team is unable to provide hairstyling for the veteran soap actress, 49.

Because of COVID-19 requirements, all Emmerdale stars must now do their own make-up and hair.

Samantha Giles of Emmerdale Explains Why She's Wearing a Wig for Bernice's Return

Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice Blackstock in Emmerdale, has explained why she is wearing a wig in her upcoming return.

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Samantha, who will return to the village next week after leaving in 2019, told Digital Spy and other media that she is not styling her own hair due to the ITV soap's coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols.

Samantha made the entirely understandable decision to wear a wig rather than attempt to work with her own hair on her own.

“There's no point pretending it's not a wig because Mrs. Jones from Tunbridge Wells will write in and say, ‘She's wearing a wig!'” the actress joked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was Bernice Wearing a Wig?

Samantha Had Insisted on Bernice Wearing a Wig Due to the Lack of a Proper Hairdresser Service. “I Can't Do My Own Hair, It's Very Thick,” She Explained on the Podcast the God Cast. Bernice is Obviously a Hairdresser, as Her Hair is Perfectly Coiffed.

Why is Bernice Wearing Such a Bad Wig in Emmerdale?

Samantha Giles of Emmerdale Has Been Forced to Wear a Wig for Her Comeback Because She Can't Control Her Own Hair. The Actress, Who Plays Hairdresser Bernice Blackstock on the ITV Soap, Has Revealed That She is Unable to Get Her Own Hair to Look Professionally Sleek and Has Had to Resort to Wearing a Wig.

Why Has Bernice Left Emmerdale?

Giles Announced Her Departure From Emmerdale in September 2019. She Stated That She Wanted to Leave After Seven “Fabulous Years” to Pursue Other Creative Projects. Giles Stated That While She Will Miss Her Soap Friends, She is Excited to Pursue “New Pastures.”

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