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Why Did Pat and Jen Break Up? Popularmmos & Gamingwithjen’s

Viewers of the popular YouTuber ‘PopularMMO's' are looking back at some of his previous relationships while he and his ex-girlfriend have been embroiled in a public spat in recent weeks.

The fact that PopularMMO has more than 17 million members today does not diminish the fact that many of his fans, including myself, first discovered his channel several years ago when he was married to Jennifer Flagg of ‘GamingWithJen.'

In 2015, Pat and Jen decided to part ways after being married for a year and appearing in hundreds of videos on both channels (including starting their own channel together) But when and why did they come to the conclusion that they would no longer be together?

Pat and Jen Are Married, Do You Believe It Will Be?

A video posted on Pat's YouTube channel in May of this year did, in fact, serve as the couple's public announcement of their separation.

They made their public announcement of their separation in the beginning of 2019 with the release of a video on the PopularMMOs YouTube channel titled “We are breaking up.” There have been over 8 million views of the video since it was uploaded.

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They did not explicitly state it, but they did explain that they had actually separated some time before the video was released, but had chosen to wait until they felt more comfortable expressing it on a public platform before sharing their feelings with the public.

What Was It That Made Pat and Jen So Disappointed?

Their announcement video from 2019 stated that they were divorcing, stating that they did so because “they both deserve happiness.” Pat and Jen have two children.

Creating a family was also a factor in the decision to separate, with Pat stating, “Jen wants to have children, but I do not want to have children.” “We both deserve to be happy in our lives and to be able to participate in the activities that we find enjoyable,” says the couple.

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But the couple explained that their separation was due to the fact that they are “quite different individuals” and that they have “very distinct things we each want to pursue in life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Caused Jen and Pat to Part Ways?

According to the couple, their divorce was precipitated by the realisation that they held diametrically opposed views on the future of their family. Jen stated that she wished to have children in the near future, whereas Pat stated that having children was not something he desired to be a part of his life.

How Did Pat From PopularMMos End Up in This Situation?

The alleged “domestic battery” that Patrick Julianelle, also known as PopularMMOs', was arrested for on May 16th, which he claims is a fabrication. As a result of their separation in 2019, Pat took over the YouTube channel and began introducing his subscribers to Liz, who was later detained by police, according to a newly released police report.

Why Did Pat and Eleni PopularMMos Vanish Into Thin Air?

Eleni has been Pat's ex-girlfriend ever since Pat and Jen ended their relationship. There have been no videos posted on the Pat & Friends channel on YouTube that feature Pat and Eleni in the same video. Eleni had never really watched videos before, but according to Pat, she was doing well as a gamer on YouTube, so he decided to give her a shot. She was successful.

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