Why Did YouTube Couple Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart Break Up?

Lexi, who rose to fame alongside her brother Brent Rivera, started sharing videos with her boyfriend in 2018. Before he engaged with Lexi, Ben had a YouTube vlogging channel.

Both Lexi and Ben have millions of fans on their channels, but their material is going to shift dramatically.

Why did Lexi and Ben split up? The two talked about their romance and how their breakup had been a long time coming.

Why did Lexi and Ben from YouTube break up?

Ben and Lexi documented their three-year romance, including the ups and downs. While the majority of their vlogs were humorous, the two said in their respective breakup videos that they frequently pretended everything was fine for the cameras.

Lexi and Ben chose to end their relationship, but they both stated that nothing extraordinary occurred to prompt their choice.

Lexi teased the split in her “We Broke Up” video before confirming it. She and Ben sat down together to discuss what had transpired. After promising to always love and support each other, Lexi and Ben discussed the reasons behind their breakup.

Why did Lexi and Ben from YouTube break up?

“So, as you guys know, our relationship has been very up in the air,” she said. “I know it's been very perplexing for you, and that's because it's been as complicated for us. We've been on and off for a while, and I don't think we knew what we wanted to accomplish until recently. That's why we're finally creating a video for you guys.”

She then spoke about the early days of her relationship with Ben. “I met Ben three years ago and, fun fact, I didn't talk to him for about six months,” Lexi went on to say.

“The first six months of me knowing Lexi, not a single word,” he said. When the two connected and started a relationship, they did it in front of the cameras.

“Obviously, we became friends, and it led to a little more. Three years have passed, and I believe we now acknowledge that we were simply better as friends,” Lexi said.

Ben stated that things were different for the couple when the cameras were off.

“Having a relationship is one thing, but having a relationship online is a completely different story,” he remarked. “It was very confusing for us, and honestly, it wasn't easy.”

Ben and Lexi claim to have evolved beyond their relationship, despite the fact that they were only teenagers when they started dating.

“Throughout those years, we evolved as individuals. At first, being together and shooting videos was one of the most incredible experiences. “We both had a great time doing it,” Ben added. “As the years passed, things grew a little too convoluted and perplexing. I believe the challenge is that we want to make both you and us happy. I believe we ultimately did not do both.”

By spending their early adult lives together, the two realized they hadn't had the opportunity to be independent.

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The YouTubers stated that they are not entirely ending their relationship. Die-hard fans will be relieved to hear that there is hope that they will reunite at some point.

Lexi and Ben promised to keep their friendship going until they decided what to do next. When they first started dating, they decided that if they ever broke up, they would do so on good terms.

“We're gonna hold that promise and stay friends,” he stated.

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