Why Did Christopher Scarver Kill Jeffrey Dahmer? All You Need to Know!

With one very large exception, we do not approve of murder. Everyone, after learning of Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes, wanted to see him put to death. But one individual took action and changed things for the better.

Where did Christopher Scarver come from, and what motivated him to take Dahmer's life? After apprehending one of America's most infamous serial killers, what became of Scarver? This is what we have learned.

Who is Christopher Scarver? How Did He End Up in Jail?

For the 1990 murder of Steven Lohman, for which Christopher Scarver received a life sentence, the death penalty was not an option. In the same way, as Lohman did, Scarver served in the Wisconsin Conservation Corps. Scarver allegedly began hearing voices around the time of Lohman's murder, calling him “The Chosen One.”

Why did Christopher Scarver kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

In response to a disagreement about financial matters on the site, Scarver lost his job and shot Lohman three times. In its latest true-crime series, Netflix doesn't delve too deeply into Scarver's past beyond his meetings with Dahmer. Although Scarver joined the Conservation Corps with the goal of becoming a carpenter, it is well-documented that he dropped out of high school.

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Why Did Christopher Scarver Kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

Christopher Scarver reportedly killed Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer while they were unattended for 20 minutes on November 28, 1994, while cleaning the prison gym. In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Furly Mac's character, Scarver, is shown killing Dahmer and Anderson by beating them both to death with a weight bar.

Scarver allegedly attacked Dahmer because the cannibalistic serial murderer would mock other inmates by “fashion[ing] dismembered limbs out of prison food” and then drizzling ketchup on top to make it look like blood, as reported in an interview with the New York Post from 2015.

Why did Christopher Scarver kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

Scarver, who was 45 at the time, said, “He would position them in places where people would be.” “With some inmates and personnel, he behaved inappropriately. But he was not one of the penitent inmates who spend their time behind bars thinking about their wrongdoings and trying to make amends.”

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Who Else Was Murdered by Christopher Scarver?

Scarver murdered yet another inmate in addition to Jeffrey Dahmer and Steven Lohman. Scarver shot and killed Dahmer in the same instant he shot and killed Jesse Anderson, who died a few days later.

Anderson was a convicted killer who savagely stabbed his wife five times in the face and head. He managed to stab himself four times in the chest and yet live.

Anderson tried to pin the attack on two black males, adding to the racial hostility already present in Wisconsin following Dahmer's murders of several black men in the state.

Christopher Scarver's murderous attacks on both men were not believed to be motivated by race, despite the obvious ties between the victims.

Where is Christopher Scarver right now, exactly?

Currently, Christopher Scarver can be found serving time at Colorado's Centennial Correctional Facility.

Following Dahmer's death in 2004, he filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility, alleging that he had been subjected to inhumane treatment in violation of his constitutional rights.

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Both the original court and the appellate court rejected Scarver's claims.