Why Did Big Bang Theory Season 13 Get Canceled?

Have you ever been attached to or became addicted to something entertaining that its discontinuation news or possibilities gave you a shiver? It could simply be a video game (GTA San Andreas), a movie with multiple parts (The Avengers) or a TV show like The Big Bang Theory. No matter how good, how demanding, or how lengthy an entertainment content is, it must come to an end! Not a favourable universal fact, though.

A very similar feeling struck the viewers when they came across the speculations that The Big Bang Theory Season 13 may never be there. But we’re viewers of a show that’s not only funny and entertaining but also a science and factual based show. So we won’t give up until we’re served with factual information of The Big Bang Theory being discontinued.

Any regular viewer of The Big Bang Theory will agree that the ending of the series felt like a halt in their lives, and why wouldn’t this feeling hit them? The show ran for more than a decade; viewers who started watching it during their high school years probably worked in a company or got married! Our lives might not be revolving around this show, but it probably shaped a part of our minds and lives in some way.

In this article, let’s do some fact-checking and reach a final conclusion of whether Season 13 will ever premiere.

Big Bang Theory Season 13

The Big Bang Theory Season 13: Overview

It is an American comedy TV series with a USP of science experiments and theories. The name itself is derived from the very beginning of our universe, which started after the “BIG BANG”, which led to the formation of our sun, 9 planets, the stars and all other galaxies. The show is based on a sitcom (situational comedy) and is created by the duo of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. The show first-ever premiered on 24th September 2007 on the CBS network.

Having a total of 12 Seasons (as of July 2021) and 279 episodes, the show last aired on 16th May 2019. Interesting to know that the show was filmed in front of a live audience and received mixed reviews back then. By the time of The Big Bang Theory Season 11, the show reached the no-1 spot! Since this isn’t the question you came for, I won’t mention all the achievements earned by The Big Bang Theory throughout 12 Seasons, but it has been nominated and won several awards, including Emmy Awards.

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Earning of The Big Bang Theory cast so far:

The first 3 characters of the show earned about 60,000$ for the first 3 seasons (and that’s per episode!). Then, as the 4th season began, their payout also took a 4x fold, making it 200,000$ per episode!

If this still doesn’t surprise you, then be prepared, folks, as they got a 50,000$ increase in the 5th season, then again a 50,000$ increase in Season 6; WAIT FOR IT!, another 50,000$ increase in Season 7. That’s a lot of payouts and well deserved for making our good old days awesome.

Big Bang Theory Season 13

As Season 7 began, the trio also started receiving .025% of the series' backend money. But soon after (2014), the trio looked for a renegotiation of their contracts and asked for 1 million per episode, and the makers agreed to it! Apart from this, they got an increase in the backend money and other bonuses, perks that we can’t imagine, and they didn’t disclose!

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Apart from the lead trio, Helberg and Nayyar also came forward to get their contracts looked at, and since the show was making huge money, they too got approved for a payment of 1 million $ per episode (in 2014).

The Big Bang Theory Season 13: Conclusion

The short answer is, yes, the makers (CBS) made it official that Season 12 was the finale, and there won’t be any Season 13 in The Big Bang Theory.

Apart from this, Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) also decided to step out of the series long before it was officially cancelled. In his statement, given to “The Hollywood Reporter”, he said, “It was the first time in my life of doing this show that it occurred to me that I might want to not make another contract after [season] 12 was up,” Upon being asked for the reason of his decision, he said no external factor is the reason, it is just his own decision.

Big Bang Theory Season 13

During a podcast with David Tennant, he said the “BUSY SCHEDULE” of the shooting and the injury that happened to him, his dog died, and other factors added up to the final decision he came to.

Don’t leave the page yet! We have some positive rumours about the possibility of Season 13. Mayim Bialik, who played a neuroscientist in the show, recently hinted that there could possibly be more to The Big Bang Theory storyline. And with a recent reunion of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show, we may never know if a possible reunion may occur. However, it has only been 2 years since the show ended such a reunion (if made) is far away.