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Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife? Everything You Need to Know!

With the big kitchen knife, Alexandru Lanosi killed his wife Lilia Patanjel. Let's find out more about who Alexandru Ianosi is and what happened.

Who is Alexandru Lânosi?

Alexandru Ianosi Andreeva Dimitrova admitted to killing his partner, Lilia Patranjel, in Spinea. He hit the woman so many times with a big kitchen knife that he almost cut off her arm.

A scary act of murderous rage that was admitted by the man who did it, and from which the woman had no way to escape last Thursday evening. The 35-year-old said, “I hit it way too many times.”

His lawyers found out this when they were able to visit him in jail after he was arrested. He told La Nuova Venezia, “He had a blackout. He doesn't remember those moments well, but he said he hit her many times.”

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife?

According to the man's defense, all that blood at the crime scene would have shocked the same person, who would have fainted before waking up and calling 911. He would not have stood over the body, as was first thought.

Exactly What Happened?

The murderer's lawyers say that the killing didn't happen on purpose because it happened during one of the couple's many fights. They told the local media that they wanted a mental expert to look at the man and said, “We think that the fact that he went crazy with a knife he stole from the kitchen shows that this tragedy was not the result of a planned crime but of a sudden rage.”

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According to a different story from the victim's friends and family, the woman who was killed was forced to tell her partner she wanted to leave him because of the violence that was going on in that Spinea house.


Everyone knew that Alexandru Lanosi was a violent man, and everyone knew that this is how it would end, said a friend of Lili, who everyone called Lilia. The woman, who was forty at the time, also filed a complaint last August after she was attacked again and taken to the hospital.

Why Did Alexandru Ianosi Kill His Wife?

The lawyers also said, “We thought he would be strong and clear-headed enough to answer the judge's questions, but he wasn't.”The 35-year-old man was being held in Venice's Santa Maria Maggiore prison on a charge of aggravated voluntary homicide. He used his right not to answer.

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The Daily Star said that Ianosi said, “I did everything for myself to punish myself” a few days after coming out of a coma. After the accident on October 6, he was taken to the recovery room at Hospital Dell'Angelo in Venice, where he is said to still be getting better.

It is said that on September 22, after Lilia told Ianosi she wanted to split up, he got a kitchen knife and stabbed her several times in the chest and stomach.

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