Who Won is It Cake: Who Else Went Home With Money?

The new Netflix show “Is It Cake?” first episode aired on March 18. We already know who won because it's a Netflix show. So goes the trouble with streaming. But before we get into spoilers, it's worth looking at how people liked the series.

“Is It Cake?” joined a genre that was already full of “British Bake Offs,” “Baking Championships,” and spin-offs of those shows. The twist was that the show gave the contestants a bunch of things that didn't look like food and asked them to figure out which one was a cake.

Some bakers who passed the first test made their cakes look like other things. The idea of hiding cakes, among other things, seemed to work too well. The Daily Beast writes in an article called “Netflix's ‘Is It Cake' Is a Masterpiece of Stupidity (and I Love It).”

Who Won is It Cake

The decider went on and on about how the show “surpasses expectations.” “There is something so refreshing, maybe even inspired, about something as pure and basic as this.” It also says, “Nothing is too hard.”

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Most strangely, The Guardian felt the need to title a good review with the words “sweeping optimism”: “What is it? This strange baking show could save 2022.”So, “Is It Cake?” has been a massive hit with reviewers. Who was the winner of the first season?

Who Was the Winner?

In the last episode of “Is It Cake?,” Andrew Fuller, Hemu Basu, and April Julian were named the three best contestants in the show. As Distractify plays, the first task was to look at the podiums and find the Cake in the middle of them. All three of them got it, but Julian got it first so she could choose her assistant.

The last task was, you guessed it, to make a cake. Hemu was found out, so Julian and Fuller had to do it. But the winner could choose anything they wanted. Julian made a sewing machine, Fuller made a trunk, and Hemu made a sculpture out of marble.


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In the end, Fuller, an Iowa-based home baker who is said to be putting substantial blow-up tentacles on the roof of his studio, got the win and the $50,000 prize (via the Des Moines Register). Fuller gasped, “I've never gotten this far in anything before” (via Netflix Life).

“I feel like I'm becoming the person I'm meant to be, and this is a big deal for me even though it's just a cake show.” Remember how sure Fuller was when he said, “It's just a cake show.” That's how you know someone knows for sure if something is a cake or not. Is It Cake? is on Netflix right now.

Who Else Went Home With Money?

Even though neither Hemu nor April won the grand prize, they didn't go home empty-handed. Hemu won $10,000 for her performance in the “winner stays on” heats, and April won $15,000.

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But they were not the only ones to win something out of the nine bakers. Two more bakers won their rounds and took some cash with them. If they won the round, they got $5,000.

If they could tell the real cake from the fake cake in the “Cake or Cash” round, they got twice as much money. As a result, Nina Maria Charles won $5,000 and Jonny Manganello won $10,000.