Who Wins Masterchef 2021: Review, Spoiler & Everything About Masterchef!

The winner of MasterChef: The Professionals 2021 has been announced. The winning chef received the prestigious title during the final of the BBC One cookery show on December 16th.

Following six weeks of complex culinary trials, the surviving three chefs prepared a three-course meal in an attempt to impress the judges once more. Everything you need to know about the winner is right here.

Who Was Crowned Masterchef 2021?

After weeks of hard battle, Aaron Middleton, Dan Lee, and Liam Rogers advanced to the final round of the prestigious BBC cookery show. Dan Lee, a Birmingham-born private chef, won the show after beating out scores of other chefs and stated he was “speechless” after being named the winner of the 2021 series.

Lee wowed the judges in the final, including Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing, famous chef Monica Galetti, and TV personality Gregg Wallace, with his three-course meal inspired by his time working in Singapore.

The winning cuisine began with his version of Singapore chili crab, described by Wareing as a “sensational dish of food.”This was followed by his interpretation of typical Singapore chicken rice, and he finished with a smoked hay treacle tart for dessert.

Who Wins Masterchef 2021 Spoiler

He added that he focused on Singaporean foods for his farewell supper because he considers Singapore an essential part of his culinary career since relocating there in 2017.” It was basically to show that incredible, fantastic food doesn't have to be pricey,” he explained.

“It's just a lot of love, care, attention, and understanding,” Lee, who was inspired to cook by his aunt, continued, “it can still be excellent food at incredibly inexpensive pricing.”

Lee is passionate about creating excellent cuisine at reasonable pricing and aims to one day open a street food truck and a restaurant that promotes “delicious” Asian food at affordable prices. Lee obtains the coveted MasterChef trophy.

What Has Lee Said Regarding the Government's Response to Covid?

Lee has already blasted the government for “abandoning” the hospitality business during the outbreak. He stated that he was acutely aware of his industry's challenges due to the increase of Covid-19 instances caused by the Omicron variety.

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Lee stated that while certain constraints are “clear,” he believes firms will close if no action is taken, adding, “We're shouting out for help, and there's not a lot coming back.”

“Public safety always comes first, and everyone in the hotel industry recognizes that,” he told the PA news agency, “but as a Government who puts these policies in place, you must consider the ramifications on companies.”

The chef was self-employed when the pandemic broke out and could not qualify for leave, so he took a job at a grocery until things calmed down.

Who Wins Masterchef 2021 Spoiler

Having firsthand experience with these difficulties, he believes the government should develop a strategy with a body that understands and can accurately represent the hotel business so that ministers understand the repercussions for the industry when passing new legislation.

“It's a massive industry, so many people rely on it, we're already struggling in the industry as it is, and it just feels like there was no thinking process of how this will affect the industry, leaving us alone.”

“There is no fair representation of the entire industry in government, which I still can't wrap my brain around considering how large the business is and how many people it touches, yet we seem to have been abandoned a little bit during this pandemic.”

He pondered how Christmas and New Year's are two of the busiest times for businesses but that restaurants are suffering and closing early as people cancel bookings and are scared to go out.

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