Who Was Usher’s Grandmother? Know Her Death Reason!

Who Was Usher's Grandmother?: Usher, a famous R&B artist, broke the tragic news to the world on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, that her grandmother, Tina, had passed away.

The death of the 44-year-old musician's beloved grandmother was announced, and he paid her a touching farewell on social media.

This news is incredibly heartbreaking for all of those who knew and loved his grandmother. Find out Who was Usher's grandmother? How did she pass away, how he's dealing with her death & much more by reading on!

When Did Usher’s Grandmother Die?

Usher's grandma Tina, who was also his mother, passed away on December 27th, 2022. Tina passed very suddenly, but the circumstances surrounding her death have never been made public.

Who Was Usher's Grandmother?

There is a complete mystery surrounding her death, with no one knowing the specifics. Not even Usher mentioned her cause of death in his post. The news of his grandmother's death has left everyone in a state of tremendous shock, misery, and grief.

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She died of mysterious circumstances, and the investigation continues. In addition, there is currently no information available about Tina's funeral.

Usher Posts a Heartfelt Tribute after His Grandmother Tina Passes Away

The DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love singer shared the news that his grandma, Ernestine Carter, had passed away on Monday through Instagram. He dedicated an emotional Instagram post to her memory.

At the outset of the caption, Usher declared, “I LOVE U MORE.” Accepting that my grandma Tina is gone has been a process that has taken a few days. I hope that God will give those who were dependent on her the clarity and fortitude they need.

According to the My Boo singer, “her daily passion was to aid those in need and she accomplished just that.” This was the culmination of her career. Truly, she prayed for me and many others like me. The current situation has me feeling disoriented.


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Finally, the musician said, “Part of me is trying to be strong, for others…. She had faith that everything happens for a reason because “GOD always has a plan.” At the moment, I'm attempting to comprehend that. The other side of me keeps silently cracking. Just a few days ago, we were laughing about… I was under the impression that we would have more time.

Whenever I needed her, no matter the time of day or night, she was there for me, he said. She has always come through for me when I needed an appropriate Bible passage to match the circumstances I was going through. I believe GOD heard her pleas and has called her home. I wasn't prepared for it.

Her Grandmother told him, “There's a time for everything, son… there's a time to laugh, a time to mourn… there's a time to live and a time to die,” as her final words. “Right now, Grandma, I need you more than ever. If only to listen to you again. Really missing you. Your existence is something to be celebrated, and so are you.”

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Remember, it's just sad because we miss them, and that's us being selfish and deservedly so, but it's truly a congratulatory party since they're at the ultimate destination forever!” someone reminded me just today. Added Usher. To paraphrase a famous man: “I think that… she will be missed very greatly.”