Who Was the Cried Utah State Cheerleader? Let’s Find Out!

On Thursday night, a Utah State cheerleader's horrible reaction to the Aggies' first-round loss to the seventh-seeded Missouri Tigers has become part of tournament tradition, which is bad for her.

Missouri successfully eliminated Utah State from the NCAA Tournament. After the video of the cheerleader's touching performance went viral, many people have been curious about her identity.

After Thursday's game between Missouri & Utah State, it was shown that the commentators were laughing live at a Utah State cheerleader who was clearly angry. Mizzou beat Utah State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday.

The cheerleader and other Utah State fans were particularly heartbroken. A Utah State cheerleader made news when the commentators were seen on camera beaming at her while she sobbed.

When the time was down to a minute and nineteen seconds and the Aggies were trailing the Missouri Tigers 73-61, the camera focused on a sobbing Aggies cheerleader.

A video of a young woman who was upset during the game went viral and was seen by millions of people. Folks actually began to inquire and look up “Who Was the Cried Utah State Cheerleader?”

Who Was the Cried Utah State Cheerleader?

The Utah State cheerleader's identity and background were the subjects of our investigation, but we came up empty. The following information is what we have collected so far.

It turns out that the Utah State cheerleader who was crying was a “player's girlfriend.”

It has been revealed that a famous Utah State cheerleader was actually the girlfriend of a player during the NCAA tournament. Ashlyn Whimpey may be seen crying when Utah State was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.

The cheerleader could be seen clenching her teeth and wiping away a tear in a video that went viral. Then it came out that she plays on the same team as one of the Utah State guys that lost to Missouri.

Ashlyn is in a relationship with the guard Sean Bairstow. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, he completed his senior year of college in the United States.

Who Was the Cried Utah State Cheerleader?

Together with photos from the celebratory event, he also shared a heartfelt message with his fiancee on Instagram. Those are as heartening as they come; my sincere best wishes for another prosperous 20 years of joy, as Bairstow, put it.

Supporters expressed their sympathy for the cheerleader as her emotions were displayed on live television

A user wrote, 

Another user wrote,

TNT broadcast zooms in on the crying Utah State cheerleader, brutal

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