“Who Killed Sara?” Season 3 Premiere Date, Cast, and Other Information!

Fans have been enthralled by the twists and turns of the Latin murder mystery “Who Killed Sara?” or “Quién mató a Sara?,” which premiered its first season on March 24 and is currently in its second season.

It rapidly became Netflix's most popular non-English title ever (according to Deadline), and, in an unprecedented turn of events, a second season was released just a few months after the first on May 19, only a few months after the first.

Now that you've had a chance to binge-watch the 18 episodes that are now accessible, it's understandable that you're still reeling from the series' shocking discoveries regarding the murder and the events that transpired in its aftermath.

Who Killed Sara Season 3
Who Killed Sara Season 3

As well as all of the mind-boggling facts that hint at the possibility that anybody might have murdered Sara — or that no one did, for that matter — are included. Given all the red herrings and loose ends that need to be tied, you might be wondering when you'll get to watch more of the show in the first place.

After all, spectators are still baffled as to who murdered the young woman, a crime that first put the main character Alex (Manolo Cardona) in prison for a long period. Things appear to be becoming more complicated rather than less complicated, which can only be addressed by the third season. Here's everything we know thus far about “Who Killed Sara?” and what we expect to see in the future.

When Will Who Killed Sara Season 3 Be Released?

Who Killed Sara Season 3
Who Killed Sara Season 3

If you made it to the conclusion of the second season, there was some good news waiting for you at the end of the eighth and final episode: “It's Official: Another Season Is Coming,” the Netflix screen said.

But that's all the information fans have thus far. According to Netflix, there has been no confirmation as to how many episodes will be produced (eight like Season 2? (Or 10 like the first season?) and whether or not it will be able to resolve any of the issues that have been raised thus far in the series.

It is also unclear when the new season of the program would be released, which is a concern given the show's unpredictable course. According to reports, Netflix didn't have viewers wait too long between Season 1 and Season 2, shooting them both concurrently under COVID-19 guidelines.

It is still unknown how long fans will have to wait for the third season to premiere. Because Netflix greenlit it before Season 2 aired is wonderful news, but there has been little indication that the series is now in production, which may imply that it will be a little longer between Season 2 and season 3. You can most likely anticipate it to arrive later in 2021 or early in 2022 at the earliest.

Who Is a Member of the Who Killed Sara Season 3 Ensemble Cast?

Who Killed Sara Season 3
Who Killed Sara Season 3

Because of the unresolved narrative strands from the previous seasons, you may anticipate the characters from those seasons to return for Season 3. They, too, are interested in learning who killed Sara!

Season 2 of the program stars Colombian actor Cardona as Alex Guzmán, the main character who is on the hunt for the person who murdered Sara (or is he?). It appears that everyone else is a suspect in her death, from her ex-boyfriend Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones), who at first glance appeared to be a plausible candidate, to her dominating dad César Lazcano (Ginés Garca Millán).

In addition to Mariana Lazcano (Claudia Ramirez), the cast includes disgraced Lazcano son José Mara “Chema” (Eugenio Siller), Alex's love interest and youngest Lazcano daughter Elisa Lazcano (Carolina Miranda), and sisters Marifer (Litzy) and Clara (Fátima Molina) Lazcano. Nicandro is played by Matas Novoa in this movie.

Not to mention the titular character, Ximena Lamadrid, who plays Sara herself. It's unknown whether Marifer and Clara will return, as they've (maybe) gone to join Sara in the afterlife (along with a few others).

César has been proclaimed dead, but he has deceived the authorities. It's also unknown whether or not new characters will be introduced in Season 3, although we have a feeling there's probably a pretty long list of potential killers on the loose already.


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In Who Killed Sara, Season 3, What Exactly Is the Storyline?

Who Killed Sara Season 3
Who Killed Sara Season 3

Season 3's focus will be on the same issue as the past two seasons, as seen by the title and the absence of a suitable resolution of any type in the previous season. Finding out who killed Sara will be the primary focus of Season 3. Unless, of course, she is still alive. Who knows what the future holds at this time.

Towards the end of Season 2, fans were taken aback when Marifer admitted to the murder by cutting the parasail straps of Sara, but viewers subsequently learn that her conduct did not truly result in the titular death, even though she appears to be guilty of additional homicides.

Of course, we have no way of knowing if Marifer made it out of the fire alive. By the conclusion of the episode, it appeared as though Nicandro might be the one to be implicated, thanks to a cryptic comment he made to Sara's psychiatrist over the phone. To put it another way, aargh.

Considering Chema has admitted to crimes for which he is not responsible, his future appears to be bleak. And in the last episode, Alex saved Elisa from herself after she committed suicide by setting fire to her family's casino. Considering that Elisa has been in some risky circumstances in earlier episodes, we're hoping that Season 3 will bring the couple some happy moments.

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