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Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review: What Happens At The ‘Ending?

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review: When Who Killed Sara? received a second season, I was startled, as were most viewers. A third, however? That was a huge stretch for me.

The title is hilarious because we don't know who killed Sara throughout the majority of the series, and the serial weaves in a million other subplots to confuse our minds.

We only had two possible killers at the end of Season 2, but Season 3 is a complete 180.

Instead of being a murder mystery, it becomes a conspiracy thriller; and I'm not sure why.

Sure, nothing wrong with a story reaching new heights, but Who Killed Sara?

Season 3 finds itself in an unusual situation.

It becomes a fable of a crazy scientist attempting to “transform the world,” and who was pulling the strings the entire time.

The lead characters struggle to balance the story with the new plot points, which throws a curveball.

It's simply ineffective. Before, the series was exciting because we were coming closer to finding Sara's murderer.

Season 3's viewpoint detracts from the series' enchantment and sensationalism. It substitutes the unneeded yet enjoyable drama with an ultimate villain who doesn't belong in the plot. It's an enormous letdown.

We should be relieved that it is finally finished.

This story should have been limited to two seasons, and this season is perhaps “proof in the pudding” that themes can be stretched too thin and derail the entire plot.

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Sara was assassinated. may have finally uncovered the truth about Sara, but it does so through a forced plot that attempts to create a broader, but unnecessary conspiracy.

So…Who Killed Sara?

Sara was assassinated. It all began with a deceptively simple query in the title. Finding the answer, though, was anything but simple.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review

We now have our answer, after parasailing accidents, hidden pharmaceutical conspiracies, morally depraved psychiatric hospitals, and enough deaths and double-crossings to necessitate a corkboard with strings. Sara's killer has been identified.

Do you want to know the truth before you start the new season? Decider has your back. But be warned: this is a particularly odd conclusion.

Sara's killer was… Sara! Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) was diagnosed with a dissociative personality disorder or schizophrenia in Season 3.

The “or” is inserted because this shoddy show interchanges these diagnoses.

Reinaldo (Jean Reno) recognized Sara as the ideal lab rat because of her diagnosis. When Sara's parasailing mishap necessitated her being taken to a specialized institution, Reinaldo jumped at the chance.

He took Sara to his facility and made up the story that she had died.

Sara spent some time in Reinaldo's care, which was far from caring. Lucia was born to her while she was under his care.

Sara, on the other hand, had reached her breaking point after serving as his experiment for so long.

She stabbed herself to death after stealing a butcher knife. Sara is, in fact, no longer alive.

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However, parasailing and Marifer (Litzy) played only a little role.

Why Did Reinaldo Kidnapped Sara?

Remember when this was just a harmless hacking and murder mystery? That was entertaining.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review

In any case, Reinaldo kidnapped Sara to utilize her as a test subject for his Medusa Project.

Reinaldo dedicated his life to finding a “cure” for homosexuality and schizophrenia, dubbed the Medusa Project, after learning that his daughter Daniela is gay.

We get what you're thinking: What does homosexuality have to do with schizophrenia?

Why is this happening now rather than in the 1960s? When Reinaldo indicates that this “treatment” is in phase one of development, what exactly does he mean? Excellent inquiries.

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Sara was assassinated. provides you with exactly zero responses. Let's move on.

What Happens At The End Of Who Killed Sara?

A still-free lex led cops to the graves of all the people who had been Reinaldo's test subjects.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review

Sara's ultimate resting place was among them. Lex, Lucia, Elisa, and Chema all walked together in the sunlight in the final scene. It appears that this nightmare is finally coming to an end.

Who Killed Sara Season 3 Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Who Killed Sara in Season 3 Episode 3?

This comes after Marifer – more on her later — confessed to Sara's murder. Marifer, it turns out, cut Sara's parachute strings for her to die, but she didn't.

Instead, Reno's character Reinaldo faked her death and used her as subject zero in some odd medical experiment.

Who Killed Sara Reinaldo?

But by this time, Lex didn't seem to mind. He assassinated Reinaldo.

But by this time, Lex didn't seem to mind. He assassinated Reinaldo.

Is Sara Alive in Who Killed Sara Season 3?

Sara lived through the accident and did not die in the hospital.

Cesar had kidnapped Tonya, Reinaldo's right-hand lady, as mentioned at the close of the last chapter.

Given that Alex should know where Sara is being held, he offers up a dish to her.

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