Who Kidnapped Harlow Neighbours 2021: Will She Die in Neighbours?

Harlow Robinson from Neighborswas taken by an unknown person this week. But who was the anonymous person who put Harlow in a van and drove away? Here's what we know about the mystery…

Who Kidnapped Harlow?

On Neighbours, Kane, the bad boy, is the main person who people think took Harlow. After her boyfriend Hendrix Greyson told her about the illegal blackjack games he'd been playing and how much he owed Kane, this happened.

Hendrix was afraid for his life earlier this week because Kane kept making threats against him. Hendrix even bought a gun to protect himself. But he should have been worried about Harlow, who was taken while she was out for a walk and put into a white van.

Harlow Robinson From Neighbors

Is Kane the one who took Harlow, or is there more to the story than we can see? Since Neighbours won't say anything, viewers must watch to find out. But when the police brought Kane in to talk to him, he said he had no idea what had happened to Harlow.

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Will Harlow Die in Neighbours?

When Harlow was taken, fans of the show Neighbours feared the worst for her. But spoilers say that the kidnapped child will be delicate next week. Harlow will sit down with Hendrix and tell him their relationship is over. She is still upset about what happened.

Harlow Robinson From Neighbors

Hendrix tries to change her mind by saying that he will have to go back to Erinsborough High School to repeat year 12, but it doesn't work.

What Does Barry Conrad Have to Say About the Plot?

Barry Conrad, who played Kane on Neighbours, recently talked to Radio Times about returning to the show. He said, “I knew how many episodes I'd be in, and Kane would play some blackjack. But I wasn't sure how everything would turn out.

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Finding out about it bit by bit made coming back even more exciting. He said how viewers would see a different side of Kane: “I think Kane was changed by going to prison after the whole fight club thing with Ned. I think he's just looking for his way.

“Sure, people will see his tough, ruthless side again, but this time they'll also see more of his duality. Kane and Nicolette have some lovely moments, for example. He also shows more of his fun, cheeky, and caring side, making him likable than people might have thought at first.