Who Is Yasmin Wijnaldum Dating? Find Out With Whom She is Posting Cozy Pictures on Instagram!

Yasmin Wijnaldum is a popular face in the fashion and film industries. Sometimes the pressures of working in the modeling industry can feel like too much. However, success ultimately rewards those who learn to persevere.

If you want to make it in the entertainment business, you better be prepared to put in some serious effort. To become a successful model or actress in today's competitive profession requires a tremendous amount of hard work.

As a result, Yasmin Wijnaldum has become a household name in her field. She also keeps her followers regularly appraised of her activities on the various social media platforms. Most of her updates, though, are work- and career-related.

Fans of the actress and model Yasmin Wijnaldum are insatiably curious about her life and career. Being in a relationship is very frequent in the modeling profession, and as a result, it is a matter of greater attention.

Similarly, Yasmin Wijnaldum fits this description. She has been very forthright about her personal life to the public and the press. So, before we go any further, let's find out who Yasmin Wijnaldum is dating and what more we can learn about her.

Who Is Yasmin Wijnaldum Dating?

It has been reported that Yasmin Wijnaldum is currently seeing Thomas Doherty, a Scottish actor and singer. The couple was first sighted together at the beginning of the year, on a date in the Big Apple.

Who Is Yasmin Wijnaldum Dating

Since then, whispers about a potential romance between them have spread. The couple gradually began making public appearances together and, later, made their relationship status abundantly clear via their own social media accounts.

Since ending their previous relationships, Yasmin Wijnaldum and Thomas Doherty are now embarking on a wonderful new chapter of their lives together. Thomas Doherty is currently dating the stunning model and actress.

Who Is Thomas Doherty?

Thomas Doherty is a household name in his field of work. Millions of people follow his Instagram account and he has a huge fan base. He has already established himself as a respected actor, and his career is only getting started.

Who Is Yasmin Wijnaldum Dating

Thomas Doherty's co-star Dove Cameron was also involved in a romance with him. They dated one other for approximately four years before breaking up in 2020. There may never be clarity as to why they broke up, but both parties have moved on with their lives nonetheless.

Quick Facts about Thomas Doherty And Yasmin Wijnaldum

Full Name Thomas Anthony Doherty Yasmin Wijnaldum
Date of Birth 21 April 1995 10 July 1998
Birth Place Edinburgh Amsterdam, Netherlands
Height 5'11” 5 ft 11
Weight 78 Kg 57 Kg

When Did Thomas & Yasmin Meet?

Yasmin Wijnaldum and Thomas Doherty met somewhere around the beginning of 2021. At the May 2021 “Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons” event, Thomas Doherty and Yasmin Wijnaldum reportedly made their first public appearance together.

A few months later, in July 2021, during the premiere of the “Gossip Girl” remake, Page Six exclusively claimed that the two couldn't keep their hands off each other. In June of 2021, the model published an Instagram selfie of herself resting against Doherty, making their relationship public.

They were initially spotted in March 2021, but it wasn't until October 2021 when Doherty posted a photo of Wijnaldum on his Instagram profile. The snapshot showed the two cuddling in bed.

Since then, the couple has kept up their social media PDA. In April, when it was her boyfriend's birthday, Wijnaldum took to Instagram to wish him a happy day, writing, “Happy Birthday to my favorite human.”

The model's birthday tribute was a photo of the stars cuddling and a video of them making goofy expressions and then kissing. Wijnaldum and Doherty have been together since early 2021, and they don't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Social Media Accounts of Thomas Doherty & Yasmin Wijnaldum

Millions of people follow Thomas Doherty Instagram account and he has a huge fan base. Around 705k people follow Yasmin on Instagram. You can check out their Instagram Profile here(Thomas Doherty & Yasmin Wijnaldum).

Who Is Yasmin Wijnaldum Dating Who Is Yasmin Wijnaldum Dating

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