Who Is Veronica from 90 Days Fiance Dating? Check Her Mystery Man!

Who Is Veronica from 90 Days Fiance Dating: After her relationship with Justin Foster ended on 90 Day Fiance: Single Life, star Veronica Rodriguez said she is dating someone new. Part 1 of the Tell-All in Single Life's third season was riveting. Most of the TLC show's 2022 cast was able to gather in one place. In this article, we will find out Who is Veronica dating nowadays? Let's start reading.

Who Is Veronica's New Boyfriend?

Veronica will spill the beans about her new beau on December 5th. As for who it isn't, it's not the person she started dating in Season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life. Given how little they can agree on, though, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Despite Veronica's silence on the subject, fans have concluded that her lover is Jamal, Kimberly's son and co-star on 90 Day Fiancé.

Who Is Veronica from 90 Days Fiance Dating

There is a shot of Veronica's new lover backstage when host Shaun Robinson reveals in the tell-all that he would be joining them onstage. Only his rings and bracelets of various colors draw attention to his hands.

And that's where the main evidence that Veronica's dating Jamal can be found. Followers on Twitter pointed out the striking resemblance to Jamal's own hands, rings, and bracelets. No, we don't think so either. This is only conjectured at the moment, but it makes sense.

Veronica Confessed that She Is “Dating Someone New”

Fans learned at the end of last week's reunion that Veronica had moved on from her failed relationship with Justin Foster, a potential lover from season 3. To which fans responded, “You're genuinely dating someone new,” stated tell-all host Shaun Robinson. “It's somebody who I met pretty casually & I didn't expect it to go anywhere, but we just really, really hit it off,” Veronica explained.

Who Is Veronica from 90 Days Fiance Dating

Robinson implied that an appearance would be possible for the fans. OK, Veronica, she finally said. Yes, let's get him out here. If it is Jamal, he hasn't hinted at it himself on Twitter or any other platform. The TLC star's previous update detailed a trip to Nigeria, where Usman “Sojaboy” Umar, the boyfriend of his mother, resides.

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To sum up his experience in Nigeria, he posted a video of two goats & wrote: Just so everyone is aware, I wasn't talking about Nigeria in this clip, I was talking about wtf was going on in my life at this time,” he explained in the comments. “Nigeria and its people have my heart.”

When Will We See Jamal Again on “90-Day?

Jamal is familiar with the franchise because Jamal's mother has appeared on 90-Day Fiancé programs with her fiance Usman, a.k.a. SojaBoy. And because he is Kimberly's consistent voice of reason, Jamal is a fan favorite. So it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for him to go from being a supporting actor on one 90-Day Fiancé series to being a leading actor and, dare we say, boyfriend on another.

If Jamal ends up being Veronica's new boyfriend on 90 Days, then we can probably expect to see him in Season 4. Who wouldn't want to watch the drama unfold as they find out what Kinmberly thinks of their relationship?

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