Who Is Trina Dating? Is Trina a Mother?

Trina is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who is talented and charismatic. She can captivate audiences with her fiery performances and hits that are at the top of the charts. Fans are frequently interested in learning about other aspects of her life, particularly her romantic partnerships, in addition to her work in the music industry.

The answer to the intriguing question of who Trina is dating is explored in depth in this article. Let's investigate the most recent information and shed some light on her romantic situation as it stands right now.

Who Is Trina Dating?

As of right now, Trina and Raymond Taylor are engaged to be married. Raymond Taylor and Trina are engaged to be married and are making final preparations. According to Essence, the couple announced their engagement in September 2021.

The love life of the rapper became a topic of discussion not long after the secret was exposed. The official particulars of their planned wedding ceremony are not known at this time.

Because he was a contestant on the reality show Love and Hip Hop: Miami, Taylor rose to prominence as a result of his involvement in the show. It is common knowledge that the rapper is engaged to him. If any of you are paying close attention to the show, you are most likely aware of Taylor's goals to achieve success in the music industry.

He was a standout on the college basketball team for which he played. It is said that after Raymond was not selected for the draft, he decided to leave the sports industry.

Raymond considers Trina to be his perfect companion and soul mate. Raymond revealed this information in a confessional, saying, “He wants to be a representation of relentlessness, having her back at all times and in whatever she does.”

Both of them listen to a tremendous amount of music. The two of them may be currently concentrating on advancing their respective musical careers, which is one of the many reasons why they have not gotten married yet.

Who Is Raymond Taylor?

Raymond Taylor is a member of the rap group The Diplomats and played basketball in college. His stage name is Ray Almighty, but he is also known by that name. He is 13 years younger than the famous rapper and TV personality Trina, who is also known as Trina. They are both originally from Miami in the state of Florida. They have a lot of fun together and are very supportive of one another.

How Did Trina And Raymond Taylor Met?

It is not entirely clear how Trina and Raymond Taylor first became acquainted with one another; however, some sources suggest that it may have been due to the fact that they shared a passion for music. In addition to being a rapper, Raymond used to play basketball at the collegiate level.

Who Is Trina Dating

Trina's co-star on Love and Hip Hop: Miami, Joy Young, may have wanted to go on a double date with her and Trina, so she introduced her to Raymond3. This is one scenario that is possible. They quickly became friends and began dating in December of 2015. They have been together for more than five years at this point, and their love for one another has not waned.

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Is Trina a Mother?

During an interview with Yung Miami on Caresha Please, the rapper stated that Trina had suffered three miscarriages up to the year 2023. In the most recent podcast episode, which aired on January 20, 2023, the artist shared her deepest reasons for not wanting children.

She miscarried for the first time at a young age. According to claims from Cheatsheet, Wayne and the rapper experienced a miscarriage in 2006. Trina revealed that her second miscarriage occurred when she was ready to become pregnant.

Her mental health suffered as a result of having her third consecutive miscarriage. In the same vein, one of the factors that led her to decide against having children was the loss of her mother. When her mother isn’t there to support her, the rapper said she doesn’t want to have children.

She doesn’t appear to be having a kid with Raymond any time soon, either. Despite this, there is a chance that she will become pregnant at some point.

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Dating History Of Trina

Lil Wayne

Trina and the musician Lil Wayne had on-again, off-again relationships between the years 2005 and 2007. On October 5, 2005, while making an appearance on Wendy Williams' show, she made the official announcement that she and Wayne had begun wedding planning.

Later on, Trina's relationship with Lil Wayne resulted in her becoming pregnant, but she, unfortunately, lost the baby. Trina has the name “Wayne” tattooed on the inside of her wrist, and Lil Wayne has the name “Trina” written on the ring finger of his right hand. Both of the tattoos are the same.

Kenyon Martin

Trina had a romantic relationship with NBA star Kenyon Martin from 2007 until 2010. They were seen together in public on numerous occasions and made frequent public appearances as a couple.

James Harden

In 2011, Trina was romantically involved with James Harden, a professional basketball player, for a short period of time. Their relationship did not last long despite the fact that it received a lot of attention from the media.

French Montana

Trina had a romantic relationship with the rapper French Montana from 2012 until 2014, but they broke up in 2014. Their relationship was featured on the reality television show “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” and they worked on music together at the same time.#

Trina Reminds Fans

On the most recent episode of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, rap icon Trina demonstrated once again why she will always be known as the “Baddest B***h.”

Trina, whose real name is Katrina Laverne Taylor, gave fans a taste of the decade of the 2000s by performing her classic songs. Trina, along with the Tiny Desk's signature band and background singers, “welcomed” everyone to her set during the performance.

The rapper started the short and private concert, which lasted for only 15 minutes, by paying tribute to her late mother, Vanessa Taylor. She gave a performance of the acoustic version of “Mama,” a single from her album “The One,” which was released in 2017. In 2019, Vernessa lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

Who Is Trina Dating

Before she began performing the heartfelt tune, Trina remarked that she wanted to “dedicate this first song to my mom.” “If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here today to talk to you guys, and she's the one responsible for bringing me here in the first place. Therefore, I want you to simply enjoy yourselves.”

The rapper was unable to make it through the songs without breaking down in tears. He said, “It's a very personal song to me, and if anybody has ever lost their mom or somebody special in their life, I dedicate this song to you.”


Raymond Taylor, a fellow rapper from Miami, has been Trina's boyfriend for the past five years. He popped the question to her in 2021, after they had been together for the full five years. They are joyful and in love, and they have decided to get married in the near future. Trina has shared that she feels a great deal of affection for herself and that Raymond is her closest confidante.

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