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Who is Tracy Edwards? Almost-victim of Jeffrey Escaped and Enabled Police Catch Him!

The new Netflix limited series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story fictionalizes the life and murders of Jeffrey Dahmer. The limited series explores the methods by which Dahmer, one of America's most infamous serial killers, lured his victims back to his house for murder.

According to their Biography, Dahmer committed sex activities with the bodies of his victims before dismembering them, and he saved Polaroids, skulls, and genitalia as souvenirs of his crimes.

Dahmer killed seventeen people between 1978 and 1991, most of them young, gay, Black men. Only Tracy Edwards managed to avoid being slain. He was the lone survivor of Dahmer's crimes and his testimony was crucial in the serial killer's capture and conviction.

What happened to Tracy Edwards, though? How does he feel his escape has changed the remainder of his life? The crucial information is listed below.

The Identity of Tracy Edwards

According to Biography, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, at 32 years old, preyed on Tracy Edwards in 1991. On July 22, 1991, Edwards fled from Dahmer's residence and was found by the police wandering the streets while handcuffed.

who is tracy edwards

According to Biography, Edwards escorted police back to Dahmer's flat, where the latter volunteered to get the keys to the restraints. After Edwards said that Dahmer threatened him with a knife, police searched his room and found Polaroid photographs of other mutilated victims.

According to Biography, when authorities investigated his residence, they discovered a severed head in the refrigerator in addition to other horrifying mementos from his kills, such as jars of men's genitalia and a big gallery of Polaroid images of his victims.

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How Did Tracy Edwards End Up Knowing Jeffrey Dahmer?

Edwards reportedly met Dahmer at a bar, as was the case with many of his victims. Dahmer had originally invited Edwards to his apartment so they could watch The Exorcist and have a beer together, but after they got there, Dahmer threatened Edwards with a knife and chained him.

In the Court Case, He Had a Part to Play

In 1992, during Wisconsin vs. Dahmer trial, Edwards testified against Dahmer and played a role in the legal proceedings that led to Dahmer's conviction for the murders of 15 men.

Dahmer would spend another two years in jail before being killed by a fellow inmate.

Where Does Edward's Attorney Stand on the Matter of the Escape?

Paul Ksicinski, who represented Edward during the Dahmer case, recently discussed the impact the tragic event had on his client. According to Ksicinski of Fox News, “his life was wrecked” by the incidents. The attorney said, “He could never get his life together again after that.”

who is tracy edwards

Edwards “abused narcotics and drank excessively” after the trial ended. He was homeless. He was merely aimlessly moving from one location to another.

Because Edwards was “just so adverse to wanting to recollect what happened to him or even talk about it,” his attorney concludes that he had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Edwards failed to appear in court when the families of the victims participated in the civil case. I don't think he did because he'd have to remember what happened,” Ksicinski added.

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When Edwards First Met Dahmer, He Already Had a Criminal History

Edwards had been indicted for the sexual battery of a 14-year-old girl in Tupelo, Mississippi, where he had been living before his encounter with Dahmer.

According to the New York Post, he was extradited back to the South to face charges when his identity and face became public knowledge during the Dahmer trial.

In Another 20 Years, Tracy Found Himself in Legal Difficulties

According to the New York Post, after Edwards returned to Wisconsin he was jailed multiple times for drug possession, theft, property damage, failure to pay child support, and jumping bail.

Unfortunately, that's not the final chapter. According to ABC News, Edwards was arrested on July 26, 2011, on suspicion of participating in a crime that resulted in the death of a man by throwing him from a bridge in Milwaukee. To top it all off, Edwards was 52 years old and living on the streets. ABC News said that since 2002, he had been continuously relocating from one homeless shelter to another.

After he and another man tossed someone off of a downtown bridge into a river after a fight, he eventually pleaded guilty to aiding a felon, as reported by Fox 6.

When It Comes to Jeffrey Dahmer, What Exactly Has He Said?

Edwards testified in court that Dahmer took him to his bedroom and shackled him there. To add insult to injury, he said that Dahmer “was not the same person” he had met in a pub.

His facial features “looked weird,” she said.

“It just wasn't him,” he remarked.

The attorney for Edward recalls that his client said he could smell death the moment he stepped foot in Dahmer's residence. As reported by Fox, he claimed that Edwards told him that Dahmer had put his head on his chest and said, “I'm going to have to eat your heart.”

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What Has Become of Tracy Edwards?

Edwards was found guilty of second-degree murder in the 2012 case of the man who was tossed off the bridge and killed. The judge gave Edwards a sentence of 1.5 years in prison and 2 years of extended monitoring.

There is no current information about Edwards' whereabouts.

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