Who is Theo James Married to? Meet the Wife of ‘The Gentlemen’ Star!

Actor Theo James has recently made news for his outstanding portrayal as the aristocratic Eddie in Netflix's The Gentlemen.

After Daniel Craig's departure, his name was thrown into the ring as one of the finalists for the role of James Bond, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Real ones, on the other hand, are familiar with Theo from his role as the sexy Four in the Divergent series alongside Shailene Woodley, but keep those crushes at far because Theo has been taken for a long time!

But fans want to know who the White Lotus star is married to, where they met when they married, and if they have any children. Here is what we know so far!

Who is Theo James married to?

Theo James married Ruth Kearney, an actress who grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Ruth is most recognized for her roles as Jess Parker in Primeval, Daisy in The Following, Eliza in Sanditon, and London in Netflix's Flaked, where she co-starred with Will Arnett.

Ruth spoke with ISSUE Magazine in 2017 about her experience as an actress, saying, “It's a difficult business, but I can't fathom doing anything else. It can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tough.”

Who is Theo James married to?

While both are working actors, Theo has landed some life-changing roles in major series like Divergent and The White Lotus, as well as the hugely successful HBO adaptation of The Time Traveler's Wife.

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The two have also appeared together in Sanditon, a PBS series inspired by Jane Austen's final novel. Theo portrayed one of the main characters, Sidney Parker, and Ruth played the affluent heiress whom Theo's character eventually married.

According to reports, one of her first live theatre performances was with Theo and actress Antonia Thomas in Man of Mode.

How Did Theo James Meet Ruth?

When Kearney and James met, she was enrolled in the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where famous alumni include Olivia Colman and Gene Wilder.

In 2020, James told the Evening Standard that their eyes first met while they “were huddled in leotards pretending to be mice.” He said, laughing, “Yeah! Being a frog. We did all the animal s—.”

The actor described their immediate connection as follows: “She's very sanguine, thoughtful, and funny.” It made sense quite early on.”

When did Theo James marry his wife?

Theo and Ruth married in 2018 after nearly ten years together! The couple married in two weddings: a low-key civil ceremony and a spectacular event in Italy.

Who is Theo James married to?

According to InStyle, Theo, and Ruth signed their paperwork at Islington Town Hall before celebrating with friends and family in the stunning Villa Vistarenni in Tuscany, notably in the wine area of Chianti.

Does Theo James have children?

Theo and his wife Ruth have two children together. The happy couple welcomed their first baby girl in August 2021, followed by a boy in 2023.

Because the couple wants to keep their personal life private, they haven't posted images of their children online or revealed their babies' names.

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However, in an interview with InStyle, Theo explained how he had adjusted to having his first child. “It's disorienting at first,” he explained. “Especially with your first child because your whole life changes, but ultimately it makes you, definitely for me, at least, a much more solid person.”

Because of the couple's privacy, there has been no ‘formal' announcement of their children's births. The world learned about their second baby boy's existence through a throwaway quip made by Theo on the Emmys red carpet in 2024.

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