Who Is The Karol G Dating? Latin Superstar Sparks Romance Rumors

Karol G is a singer and songwriter who hails from Colombia. He has emerged as one of the most prominent figures in the Latin music scene in recent years. She is well-known for her success with songs like “Tusa,” “Bichota,” “Ay Dios Mo!” and “Location.” Additionally, she has worked together creatively with musicians such as Nicki Minaj, J Balvin, Ozuna, and Bad Bunny.

But what about her romantic relationships? Who is she currently seeing? How did she get together with either her current or her previous partners? What are the most recent reports, as well as any rumors, regarding her status in a romantic relationship? The following is a condensed rundown of Karol G's dating background and his current situation

Who Is The Karol G Dating?

As of the year 2023, it appears that Karol G is not dating anyone and does not have a significant other. Since she ended her relationship with Anuel AA, she has not been associated with any new potential romantic partners. She has been concentrating on her music career as well as her forthcoming tour, which is titled “Ma'ana Será Bonito” and will begin in August of 2023 in the United States.

On the other hand, there are some whispers going around that she may be dating another Colombian singer by the name of Feid. These two have known each other for a very long time and have worked together on several songs, including “Perfecta” and “Porfa.” They were seen holding hands at a concert in Miami in June 2023, which led to rumors that they might be more than just friends. The rumors were confirmed when they were seen leaving the concert together.

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Past Relationship Of Karol G

Karol G's longest and most well-known romance was with Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA. They met while filming the music video for “Culpables” in 2018, and their relationship was officially announced in January of 2019. Since their April 2019 engagement announcement, they have become one of the most talked-about couples in the industry. They recorded several songs together and put them out under a shared name, including “Secreto,” “China,” and “Follow.”

Despite this, by the start of 2021, their relationship was over, putting an end to months of speculation. They broke the news to each other on their respective Instagram stories in April of 2021. Both parties stated that their feelings for and respect of the other had not changed, but that they had grown and changed as people and decided to pursue separate paths.

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Karol G dated another Colombian musician and producer by the name of Bull Nene prior to her relationship with Anuel AA. Between the months of February and September 2018, they were a couple, but they eventually broke up because they had such different priorities in their lives. In 2017, Karol G was also rumored to have had a one-night stand with J Balvin, but neither of them ever confirmed the relationship.

How Did Karol G And Anuel AA Met?

Who Is Karol G Dating?

On the set of the music video for their song “Culpables,” the recording artists finally got the chance to meet one another in person in August of 2018, just one month after Anuel was released from prison.

Following the release of the (extremely s*xual) music video that can be found above, speculation began to circulate that the two were dating; however, the duo insists that they were friends before anything else.

We started out as strangers but have become very good friends. He is not at all like the persona that he portrays; rather, he is an actual person. According to what Karol shared with Billboard in September 2018, “He has a huge heart, and I wish everyone could know him as I know him.”

Dissing Songs Of Karol G And Anuel AA Against Eachother

The following lyrics are sung collaboratively by Karol G and Shakira: “You left, said you were over me, and got a new girlfriend… She is unaware of the fact that you continue to view each and every one of my Instagram stories.

Many of the songs also advise men to not make the same “mistakes twice” or compete with each other. The song goes like this: “Seeing you with the new one hurt, But… I forgot everything that we went through together, and I think that's what made you feel insulted. Aside from that, there's that intriguing lyric about the man wanting to come back and even “liking” one of their Instagram photos.

Who Is Karol G Dating?

However, after Karol G released her new song “TQG,” it appears that Anuel may have taken the lyrics of the song to heart and taken them literally. A few days after the song was made available for purchase, the reggaetonero posted several photos of himself working out on Instagram. Okay, but the most important information was provided in the caption.

Who Is Karol G Dating?


Karol G appears to be single and not involved with anyone at this time (2023). Since her split from Anuel AA, rumors of a new boyfriend have been utterly silent. She has been preparing for her “Maana Será Bonito” tour, which will launch in the U.S. in August 2023, and her music career in general.

She may be dating another Colombian singer named Feid, according to rumors. Longtime friends, they've worked together on songs like “Perfecta” and “Porfa.” Holding hands at a concert in Miami in June 2023 fueled rumors that they were more than just pals.

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