Who Is Sofia Mattsson Dating? Past Relationships Of Sofia Mattsson!

Swedish actress Sofia Mattsson is best recognized for her role as Sasha Gilmore on the American daytime soap opera General Hospital, which has aired for many years. In 2018, she became a member of the cast of the show, and ever since then, she has become a favorite among the audience.

She is also known for her roles in a variety of other television programs and films, including NCIS, Two and a Half Men, Campus Security, and The Perfect Boyfriend.

But what about the details of her private life? Who is the lucky man that Sofia Mattsson is dating? Is she already taken? Is she a mother to any of her children? Here is all the information you need to know about Sofia Mattsson's past relationships as well as her current status in the dating world.

Who Is Sofia Mattsson Dating?

Sofia Mattsson is currently married to her husband, Thomas Payton, and is not dating anyone else. He has appeared in films like “The Perfect Boyfriend,” “Campus Security,” and “The Last Ship” as both an actor and a producer. He also manages Payton Productions, a production company.

In 2012, while working on the film Campus Security, Sofia and Thomas crossed paths. They instantly clicked with one another and began dating shortly thereafter. After dating for four years, they finally got engaged in 2016. They had a stunning beach wedding on May 14, 2016, in Santa Monica, California.

Who Is Sofia Mattsson Dating

This year marked the couple's fifth wedding anniversary, and in honor of the occasion, they posted some touching messages and photos to Instagram. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Sofia wished her

“Happy 5-year anniversary to my best friend and love of my life! You make me laugh every day and I’m so grateful for you “

Thomas wished his lovely wife a happy anniversary in his letter.

“Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife! I love you more than words can say”

How Did Sofia Mattsson And Thomas Payton Met?

Thomas Payton and Sofia Mattsson first became acquainted with one another in the year 2012, when they were both employed on the film Campus Security. They got along famously right away and began dating not long after that. They had a romantic relationship for a total of four years before getting engaged in 2016. They held a gorgeous beach wedding on May 14, 2016, in Santa Monica, California, and exchanged their vows to become husband and wife.

Who is Thomas Payton?

Thomas Payton has contributed his talents as an actor, writer, and producer to a variety of films, including Campus Security and Boys of Abu Ghraib, among others.

Past Relationships Of Sofia Mattsson

It would appear that Sofia Mattsson's past relationships have been relatively uneventful and drama-free. Her only known romantic partner is her husband, Thomas Payton; she has not been linked to anyone else. In addition to this, she has not been associated with any scandals or controversies that may have a negative impact on her reputation or image.

Nothing can pull Sofia's attention away from her work or her family, and she refuses to let anything interfere with her ability to be happy. She has a positive rapport with her co-stars and colleagues due to her high level of professionalism as well as her respect for them. In addition, she maintains a positive and supportive relationship with her audience, with whom she frequently engages in conversation via social media.

Sofia Mattsson And Thomas Payton's New Born Baby

Not only are Sofia Mattsson and Thomas Payton husband and wife, but they are also the ecstatic parents of two adorably cute children. In July of 2021, they became parents for the first time to a healthy baby boy. They made the announcement on Instagram with a photo of Sofia holding him in her arms shortly after he was born. In her letter, Sofia exclaimed, “Happiest four weeks ever with this little guy! On July 26, 21 he came to be with us, and he immediately won over my entire heart!

Who Is Sofia Mattsson Dating (

In May of 2023, they became parents for the second time to a beautiful baby girl. They made the announcement on Instagram, along with a photo of Sofia holding the newborn child in her arms. In her birthday post, Sofia said, “Couldn't ask for a better birthday than spending it with my girl who is just a little over one month today!” Born 5-21-23 ”. They have not discussed the identities of their offspring at this time.

On her Instagram account, Sofia frequently posts photos and videos of her family, demonstrating how much she adores and takes pleasure in her role as a mother. She also provides updates on her acting career as well as her other activities and interests, such as dancing, painting, and traveling.


Thomas Payton and Sofia Mattsson are a happy and successful couple who have been married for five years. They have two children together who are their pride and joy. They are both talented and hardworking professionals who have made their mark in the entertainment industry. They are also supportive and loving partners who share their passion and joy with each other.

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