Who Is Shep Rose Dating? Past Relationship, Current Controversies and More

Shep Rose is a reality TV star who is best known for his appearance on Bravo's Southern Charm. This show follows the lives of socialites in Charleston, South Carolina, and it is where Shep Rose first gained widespread recognition. Shep Rose is also a successful businessman who owns a number of establishments in the neighborhood, including both bars and restaurants.

He is well-known for his easygoing demeanor, his passion for partying, and the bachelor lifestyle that he leads.

But who exactly is Shep Rose dating at this time? Is he still romantically involved with his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green? What became of his previous romantic relationships? And what are some of the most recent debates that have been brought up about him? Everything you wanted to know about Shep Rose's past relationships and the drama surrounding them is right here.

Who Is Shep Rose Dating?

At this time, Shep Rose is not involved with anyone. He is single right now. Shep Rose has not been in a new relationship since the end of the one she had previously, and this has continued until the present time. Even though he is not currently in a relationship with any woman as a result of his most recent breakup, he is keeping up with the times because he is also someone who is business-minded, and because it is essential for him to do so.

He is moving ahead with the times. We have not received any information from any source, nor have we been given any indication, that who is Shep Rose is dating anyone; therefore, we are unable to comment on the matter in the absence of any reliable evidence. I will make sure to let you know as soon as any new information is made available to me.

Shep Rose's Past Relationship

Who Is Shep Rose Dating?

Taylor Ann Green, a nurse, and model who appeared with Shep Rose on season 8 of Southern Charm, is Shep's current girlfriend. They've been together for nearly two years as of 2021, and in that time they've shared photos from their travels, updates on their living situation, and some devastating news1.

In 2019, the couple met each other at a bar on Sullivan's Island and fell in love at first sight2. When Green posted a photo of the couple kissing on the beach in May of 2020, it was Instagram official. They got a dog named Craig1 and moved in together during the COVID-19 epidemic.

However, they did have some difficulties in their relationship. They made the announcement of their split in July 2021, citing “personal issues and differences1” as the reason. They removed the majority of their shared photos as well.

However, it appears that they were unable to remain apart for very long. When they were spotted attending the same wedding in North Carolina1 in September 2021, it sparked rumors of a reconciliation. They also shared their love for one another and commitment to reconciling on the season 8 reunion of Southern Charm.

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How Did Shep Rose And Taylor Ann Green Met?

Shep revealed in the premiere of the seventh season of Southern Charm that he first noticed Taylor at the beginning of the year 2020 while he was at a bar on Sullivan's Island. Shep Rose found it endearing that the pretty blonde lied about being a marine biologist who specialized in shark sex and said she was an expert in the field.

Who Is Shep Rose Dating?

Shep Rose left for a trip to Mexico the following day, which would last for a total of three weeks. Shep gave Taylor fair warning before production of Southern Charm began that she would need to appear on the show or else the two of them wouldn't be able to communicate with one another.

Taylor took a chance when she made the decision to star in the upcoming season of Southern Charm as Shep's new girlfriend.

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Dating History Of Shep Rose

His friend Austen Kroll's ex-girlfriend Chelsea Meissner was one of his most famous exes. Chelsea ended their season 4 romance with Shep because she thought he wasn't ready to settle down. They were still friends after breaking up.

Bella Clark, a British actress whom Shep met in London in 2017, is another of Shep's exes. They went out for a while, including a trip to Aspen, before breaking up because Bella had to return to England. After some time had passed, Shep admitted that she was one of his favorite exes and that he had regretted letting her go.

Shep dated Brazilian model Priscila Montemor in 2018, whom he met in Palm Beach. They tried a long-distance relationship for a while, but they couldn't keep in touch with each other and eventually broke up. Shep expressed his admiration for her but admitted that keeping in touch with someone who lived so far away was challenging.

Besides Danni Baird, Landon Clements, Peyton Pritchard, and Madison LeCroy, Shep has been linked to a number of other women. None of these hookups, however, progressed into anything lasting or significant.


Shep Rose is well-known for his active role in multiple conflicts, both on-screen and off. His lack of maturity, sensitivity, and respect for others has been a frequent point of criticism. Some of his castmates and close friends have also been involved in feuds with him.

Fans and detractors alike are drawn to Shep Rose. He is one of the show's biggest names and most divisive figures.

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